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maconda supports AG Capital in its investment in Layenberger, a leading provider of functional nutrition

maconda News May 2024

The Cologne-based consulting firm maconda has supported the Viennese mid-market investor AG Capital with a comprehensive commercial due diligence on its investment in the Layenberger Nutrition Group. Layenberger is an established provider of protein-rich and carbohydrate-reduced sports nutrition and weight management products, primarily in stationary retail. The consultants from maconda, who are very experienced in food and nutritional supplements, evaluated the current positioning as well as the prospects in the dynamic market.

Based near Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate region, the company develops and markets functional nutrition such as bars, powders, meal replacements, muesli and snacks under the Layenberger, Fit+Feelgood, diet5 and Mindtank brands. The products help people to have a balanced diet and improve their well-being. Its customers include leading drugstores and food retailers as well as Amazon. AG Capital will hold a minority stake in the newly founded Swiss group holding company Smart Food for Future.

In order to better grasp this fast-growing, yet now very diverse and competitive market, a comprehensive commercial due diligence was required – with a differentiated view of the business and its drivers. In addition to the established brands and various private labels, the industry is now characterized by many internet-based “D2C brands” that sell directly to consumers and are now also discovering brick-and-mortar retail for themselves. For this reason, the opportunities and special requirements of bricks-and-mortar retail were a particular focus of analysis. Several structured shelf checks in drugstores and food retailers, comparisons of online offerings and targeted market interviews helped to better understand Layenberger’s product range and market position in comparison to the competition.

The tried-and-tested procedure of combining a wide range of qualitative and quantitative information from different sources provided a differentiated market model that allowed the initially seemingly diffuse demand for sports nutrition and weight management to be outlined well. The maconda consultants also assessed the attractiveness of the various product categories (including bars, powders, meal replacements and snacks) and the many distribution channels. The work was rounded off by a workshop with the management of Layenberger and its various shareholders, who want to continue to support the company after AGC’s entry.

About Layenberger

The Layenberger Nutrition Group has been developing and marketing products for weight loss, weight management and a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet for more than 30 years. The products of the brands fit+feelgood, diet5, Mindtank and the flagship Layenberger are available in 12,000 sales outlets in Germany alone as well as in other European countries. The vision of Layenberger’s main shareholder, Michael Weinand, is to establish the company as the European market leader for functional nutrition. The establishment of Smart Food for Future as an operational group holding company is intended to ensure effective and targeted strategic management of the Layenberger Nutrition Group. While Layenberger can continue to act as an entrepreneur, AG Capital ensures the necessary financing for growth and also contributes its extensive network.

maconda further expands its expertise in sports nutrition and food supplements

The maconda team has carried out countless projects with sports nutrition, dietary supplements and food in general and is undoubtedly one of the most experienced consultants in this field. This applies to all stages of the value chain: from raw materials and production (often organized as external contract manufacturing) to product and recipe development and marketing via all conceivable distribution channels: food retailers, drugstores, own stores, fitness studios and pharmacies for food supplements and online. maconda’s mandates include many commercial due diligences, projects for strategic realignment and business model optimization as well as improving operational performance.

In-depth industry experience: conventional, plant-based and certified organic products | vegetarian and vegan products | protein and muesli bars | cereals | nutritional supplements and vitamins | food in general | brand and private label | eCommerce & D2C | volume channels such as drugstores and food retailers | Amazon & other marketplaces | athletes and lifestyle target groups | contract manufacturing | consumer goods of all kinds | and much more

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