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maconda supports the Aqua Group, which specializes in the restoration of water and fire damage, with a Commercial Review

maconda News February 2024

The consultants at maconda have supported the Aqua Group, a specialist in the restoration of water and fire damage, and its majority shareholder Rantum Capital with a comprehensive Commercial Review. The Cologne-based consultants, who are highly experienced in damage restoration, evaluated the business model, the regional market of the subsidiaries and possible synergies, thus laying the foundation for a further acquisition in February 2024.

The Aqua Group is a group of companies with many years of experience in the restoration of water, fire and mold damage that is growing organically and through buy & build. The group was established in mid-2021 when Frankfurt-based investor Rantum Capital, in collaboration with the highly experienced managing director Hartwig Finger, acquired A.B.T. Anlagen- und Bautrocknungs GmbH from Hesse. In the two subsequent years, Scherer (Black Forest) and Strobl (Bavaria) were added. The acquisition of the successful Neptus Group added further locations in southern and northern Germany at the beginning of 2024.

The Aqua Group differentiates itself through its cross-regional positioning, the increasing economies of scale and the growing potential for synergies, among other things, as the maconda consultants pointed out. The consultants, who are highly experienced in the sector, used a combination of exploratory interviews and quantitative data to prepare the Commercial Review. Structured expert interviews with insurance companies, trade associations, research institutes and weather experts helped maconda to identify important decision-making criteria, market trends and operational opportunities.

The German market for the restoration of building damage has grown dynamically in recent years. The aging building stock, especially in western Germany, is particularly susceptible to damage caused by leaking water pipes. The often more expensive home furnishings, including many electronic devices among other things, drive up insurance claims. In addition, more frequent severe weather events such as storms and floodings are causing an increasing number of claims and higher loss values.

maconda further expands its expertise in the construction industry and in labor-intensive services

In recent years, the maconda team has repeatedly and intensively dealt with various segments of the construction industry as well as complex, often very labor-intensive services. In particular, maconda has expanded its expertise in damage restoration through several successful projects and is undoubtedly one of the most experienced consultants in this field. In addition, the team has extensive expertise in numerous company-related service areas and is one of the most active transaction consultancy firms in this field.

In-depth industry experience: Construction industry | Water and fire damage restoration | Technical craft | Products for passive structural fire protection | Gardening and landscaping | Explosive ordnance disposal | Fire protection technology | Electrical engineering products | Lighting technology | Building materials | Pipe systems | Facility management | Building cleaning | Services in highly regulated markets | Real estate management | Company-related services | Temporary employment | Engineering services | Various niche markets

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