maconda news August 2018

All eyes are on this! – maconda supports Argos Wityu in investing in aktivoptik

maconda assists the pan-European investment firm Argos Wityu in buying a majority stake in aktivoptik, one of Germany’s leading optician and hearing-acoustics chains...

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Wide breadth of experience, excellent analysis, and hands-on implementation

maconda is an independent specialist for high-quality services related to corporate transactions, value enhancement and restructuring.

Our main clients are medium-sized enterprises and leading private equity houses, as well as internationally active banks and enterprises. We are dedicated to providing personal and discrete service. We guarantee custom-made solutions – reliable, fast and collaborative. Our vast experience comes from various industries and business situations. This expertise lets us quickly identify decisive drivers for success and find the right solutions. We base our recommendations on facts and our excellent analysis.

Involvement of experienced industry experts - our USP!

Highly experienced industry experts are involved in most of our projects. They are quick to familiarise themselves with the subject at hand and can meet our clients at eye level. Our clients gain a decisive advantage from this combination of extensive consulting experience and specialised industry expertise – based on long standing operational experience in executive positions. And we ensure a high degree of skills in both theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in all our projects. We do not hedge our bets – we commit with clear statements supported by robust details.