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Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence is an important component in the audit of a company before a transaction. We have great experience with this very demanding task, concentrating on the aspects actually influencing the investment decision. A very short start-up period, expert teams as well as tight schedules are a matter of course. Certainly our reports are fully bankable, attestable through many accompanying transactions, usually in the range of a 30 to 500 million Euro enterprise value. In our integrated approach we combine commercial assesments - business, strategy, organization, market, and environment - as well as financial analyses to provide you with a deeper understanding of the target company and thus are able to realistically assess the opportunities and risks of the proposed transaction. We provide market information which is not necessarily open to the public, and are therefore able to open up an independent perspective based on facts.

Central tasks of a commercial due diligence:

  • Differentiated examination of the business model of the target company on sustainability (strategic, organizational, and partially also operational)
  • Thorough and careful assessment of market prospects
  • Analysis of industry structure and competitive position
  • A company's relations to its major customers and suppliers
  • Assessment of macroeconomic factors and the regulatory environment
  • Verification of the planning assumptions from a market perspective and assessment of whether and how the predicted results are reachable.

To accomplish these tasks, we work closely with our clients and the other due diligence teams. Thus, we ensure a well coordinated approach and high accuracy of our statements.