Vendor Due Diligence - faster sale and better chances

A Vendor Due Diligence – a Due Diligence initiated by the vendor – is an important element in the sale of a company. It can speed up the sales process by reducing the amount of information needed for prospective buyers in the run-up to the transaction. In addition, opportunities and risks are presented to potential investors directly, which increases the attractiveness of the sales process. Our Vendor Due Diligence report provides a solid basis for decision making of potential investors. Risks during the transaction process are thereby significantly reduced.

Multiple benefits for you as a seller:

  • Early detection of potential problem areas and risks contained in the company which can complicate the transaction. The vendor is then able to react accordingly in time.
  • Reduction of information risks and thereby improvement of vendor’s bargaining position - price reductions, which are often demanded, can be reduced or even completely avoided.
  • Greater trust in the sales process on the buyer side based on independent third party analysis.
  • Specific analysis of business drivers and value drivers of the company. Highlighting of value enhancement potential may contribute to a higher selling price.
  • Training for management, as questions are being asked sooner or later anyway.