Market and feasibility studies

It is necessary to implement profound market entry or feasibility studies before realisation of new projects and strategies to reveal the related chances and risks. Professional analyses are essential for the strategic development of any expanding enterprise. Important foundations for a successful market entry are detailed information about potential customers and their decision criteria, competition and the significant market trends.

Our services in the overviews:

  • Analysis of competition and industry structure
  • KPI-based market and competition analysis
  • Preview of sales and costs and outturn account
  • Choosing possibilities with documented chances & risks
  • Action plan with recommendations to penetrate the market (type of market entry, suitable distribution channels, potential partners and suppliers with assessment of the aptitude for cooperation)
  • Catalogue of measures in order to overcome market entry barriers

In our integrated approach, we consider your business, strategic direction as well as the market and competitive environment to give you a deeper view and understanding for your future way.

Our team, consisting of experienced consultants and industry experts, supports you when entering new grounds. We provide you a detailed foundation for decisions from a company-specific point of view. 

Case studies - Market and feasability studies

Status quo Leading German manufacturer of interior lighting solutions contemplates a diversification of its product portfolio via entry into a new area of business

Market and feasibility study for a B2B mail order concept as well as development of a business plan 

maconda contribution
  • Comprehensive analysis of the relevant market in view of structure, market entry barriers and central market drivers
  • Synopsis of comparable concepts based on a comprehensive competition profiling
  • Detailed requirement analysis of target customers and their satisfaction with diverse procurement channels
  • Development of a pragmatic positioning concept regarding brand strategy, product and pricing policies as well as differentiation potential compared to benchmarks
  • Development of a detailed business plan for the new area of business
  • Development of an action plan; collection and comparison of offers from service providers

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Gergana Apostolova

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