Lever unused potential


Increasing price sensitivity and the progressing transparency of competition enhance the requirements for price management of any company. Especially pricing is useful to react on changing market conditions. Nevertheless, pricing is neglected too often. Simple overhead calculations, uncoordinated rebate systems and the mere orientation on the prices of competition lead to wasting of considerable revenue potentials.

Successful price management opens unused revenue potentials. Simultaneously it creates the opportunity to sharpen the competitive profile and to distinguish from competition. In addition it raises the satisfaction of your customers. Our integrated approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the market, together with its price structure and especially considers the payment reserves of your customers.

We support you during the development of a profound price management approach. This enables you to exploit your complete revenue potentials in the future.

This is what we provide:

  • Preparation of strategic and innovative price management approaches
  • Optimisation and implementation of price structures
  • Simulation and optimization of condition systems
  • Analysis and development of rebate systems
  • Construction of an international price management

Your contact

Bernard Gudowski

Bernard Gudowski

For questions related to pricing, you are in good hands with Bernard Gudowski. You can contact him 
by telephone: +49 (0) 221/56964-32 or via email: B.Gudowski@maconda.de