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Private label management

There is an increasing professionalization in private label recognizable, when analysing the assortment of international retail. Trademarks represent more than only offers for the price entry level. In the same way as quality and innovation loose importance and pricing gets more and more attention, the expectations of customers on branded product increase constantly. This development puts pressure on producers of B-brands without strong local reference or focus on a niche product. Simultaneously, this development opens attractive opportunities to grow for retailers with a professional trademark management and their private label suppliers. Being long-established at food, trademarks are underdeveloped in numerous sectors – especially this provides great potentials!

Trademarks strengthen and sharpen your profile as retailer and increase loyalty of the consumers. Beyond that you provide – correctly arranged – a higher margin and strengthen the negotiating position towards the A-brand producers. For you as brand producer on the other hand, it might be an opportunity to join the private label business to use the full existing capacity, or to lower the dependence of the risky branded business. These points make private label to an integral part of a future oriented company strategy and joining the private label business to a very useful option, which, however, should be well prepared.

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An overview of our services:

  • Assessment of feasibility and complexity of private label products for you as a retailer or as a brand producer
  • Consideration of risks & opportunities and detection of pitfalls related to implementation of private label
  • Analysis and evaluation of revenues and expenses while introducing a trademark strategy
  • Preparation of a strategic action recommendation related to the market architecture and potential suppliers or customers with regard to the situation of market and competition
  • Creation, preparation and realization of a promising and realistic implementation plan in processing a trademark strategy
  • Assistance in contacting suppliers or retailers and in implementing a consistent concept

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Fabian Maximilian Bäuerle

Fabian Maximilian Bäuerle

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