Consumer goods

Consumers, buying behaviour, brand strategies, distribution, trading power, globalisation – these are only some of the key issues that apply to all consumer goods, not just FMCGs. Depending on the product, we focus our attention on the consumer or the sales agents. Saturated markets and consumer reticence are challenges for manufacturers of consumer goods. When devising countermeasures, we use our knowledge of the orchestration of marketing tools, multivariate analyses of data-rich consumer information, as well as our experienced perspective on retail relationships.

An excerpt from our list of projects:

  • Clothing (fabrics, hosiery, etc.)
  • Shoe care
  • Knitwear
  • Outdoor products
  • Toys
  • Home textiles
  • Laundry
  • Furnitures (including beds)
  • Lighting
  • Household products, cosmetics
  • Glass, porcelain, ceramics
  • Electronics/ entertainment electronics (PC, mobile phones, DECT phones)
  • Papeterie 
  • Decoration articles
  • Mattresses, bedding goods
  • Luxury and lifestyle products
  • Food including precursors
  • Gifts
  • Books
  • Watches
  • Sailing and motor yachts
  • Bicycles
  • Glasses, optical lenses
  • Orthopedic technology
  • Parquet
  • Wallpaper
  • Flowers and plants
  • Bottling of liquids and aerosols
  • Packaging (Caps & closures, Tetra Pak films, beverage cartons)
  • Brands/Private label products

Case studies - Consumer goods

Status quo Private equity house assesses investment possibilities regarding the leading full-range supplier of traditional garments and shoes in the German-speaking region
Task Commercial Due Diligence
maconda contribution
  • Detailed analysis of the niche market for traditional fashion despite lacking market data and statistics; comprehensive examination of essential market and demand drivers
  • Over 20 store visits and ca. 90 structured and exploratory market interviews for evaluating market, target group and retail structure development as well as market entry barriers
  • Positioning the company in the heterogeneous competitive environment
  • Evaluation of the retail structure for traditional fashion in the core region as well as a comprehensive customer analysis in regards to demand and ordering behaviour, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Presentation of multiple growth opportunities with estimates on earnings and strategic effect
Status quo Assessing an investment in a manufacturer of high-quality decorative napkins, tablecloths and printed hygiene products with a broad customer base in over 80 countries
Task Red Flag & Commercial Due Diligence
maconda contribution
  • Assessing the future viability of the business model with regard to the scope and sustainability of demand in the most important markets (Germany, the US and Switzerland); interviews with local associations and importers as well as retailers and wholesalers to evaluate additional earning potential
  • Comprehensive "masked" discussions with key customers in the growing North American market to determine strengths, weaknesses and performance (while also noting the significant customer dependencies in this market)
  • Detailed analysis of the direct competition especially in terms of vertical range of manufacturing, design, price levels and printing quality; verification of the in-house pre-press department as USP based on numerous expert talks (product and printing specialists, specialized printing consultations) and hidden calls with all competitors
Status quo Private equity house assesses investment possibilities regarding a leading German underwear manufacturer
Task Commercial Due Diligence
maconda contribution
  • Analysis of investment attractiveness from a market and competition viewpoint as well as a feasibility assessment regarding the planned restructuring measures
  • Analysis of the brand's positioning, its USPs and critical success factors
  • Evaluation of the product policies (core products, collection cycles, license business)
  • Assessment of the production and sourcing strategy regarding sustainability, supplier structure, vertical range of manufacture and production company characteristics
  • Creation of a robust KPI basis as comprehensive managerial accounting data was lacking; multivariate analysis of the gross margin and central margin drivers 
Status quo Private equity investor considers investing in a German manufacturer of high-quality men’s trousers
Task Commercial due diligence with comprehensive business plan coaching
maconda contribution
  • Providing detailed analysis of the niche market for high-quality men’s trousers in Germany and the most relevant foreign markets (including the USA, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland); identifying and analysing the relevant market and demand drivers
  • Conducting store visits and a number of structured and exploratory market interviews to evaluate developments regarding the market, target group, customer buying behavior and medium-term trends
  • Evaluating the retail structure for men’s trousers in the core markets as well as comprehensive customer analyses regarding demand and ordering behavior, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Assessing the possibility of extending the core target group by adopting a multi-brand strategy
  • Positioning the company in the heterogeneous competitive environment of trouser specialists and outfitters
  • Identifying potential differentiation factors and fulfillment by the target company
  • Intensive discussions in several phases as well as consolidating management's growth assumptions based on top customers and planned new customers in the respective core markets into a comprehensive business plan
Strategy development - Commercial Due Diligence - Value enhancement - Restructuring - Turnaround Management