Retail & wholesale

Retail and wholesale face special challenges in terms of assortment planning and structuring, store brand policy, procurement, site management and the need to address a variety of customers. The German retail market in particular also has to deal with very price-sensitive customers. A key component of our work is evaluating and optimising networks of company branches, often through the intelligent analysis of micro-geographic data (e.g. relevant purchasing power in the catchment area and the concentration of competitors). We develop realistic roll-out concepts as well as detailed scenarios for store closures.

Examples of our experience:

  • Franchise systems
  • Department stores
  • Drugstores
  • Entertainment electronics
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Shopping centres
  • Purchase cooperatives
  • Clothing retail
  • Outdoor
  • Bookstores
  • Flower trade, florists
  • Do-it-yourself chains, garden stores
  • Wholesale for craftsmen
  • "Decorated table" (table ware, etc.)
  • Telecommunications
  • Distribution of mobile communication products
  • eCommerce
  • System gastronomy, petrol stations
  • Vehicle spare parts (retail and wholesale)
  • Security and safety technology
  • Hairdresser wholesale
  • Office supply trade
  • Wine trade
  • Bakeries
  • Mail order (B-to-C, B-to-B)
  • Pharmacies
  • Hearing aid
  • Spectacles, optical lenses
  • Medical device retail, medical trade
  • Pharmaceutical wholesale
  • Dental wholesale
  • Wholesale of ophthalmologist products
  • Wholesale of steel and metal

Case studies - Retail & wholesale

Status quo Leading German warehouse plans to roll out a customer relationship management system
Task Development and design of target group-oriented direct marketing campaigns as part of a comprehensive customer loyalty concept
maconda contribution
  • Comprehensive design of a direct marketing concept using customer data
  • Market and customer analysis based on systematic data mining
  • Enhancement with micro-geographic data
  • Customer segmentation (e.g. using cluster analysis) and potential analysis
  • Profiling of target customers for improved communications
  • Development of target group profiles and corresponding activation mechanism
  • Development of pitches and campaign guidelines
  • Planning and supervision of test promotions, campaign management
Status quo Leading German e-commerce platform for telecommunication devices assesses strategic growth potential

Market, positioning and customer analysis as well as strategy development and coaching 

maconda contribution
  • Analysis of the company (areas of business, products, customers, suppliers) and its market environment
  • Comprehensive comparison with other competitors (incl. eBay and Amazon)
  • Development of key data for strategic alignment incl. target customers and corresponding product range structure
  • Regular coaching
Status quo Leading German manufacturer of interior lighting solutions contemplates a diversification of its product portfolio via entry into a new area of business

Market and feasibility study for a B2B mail order concept as well as development of a business plan 

maconda contribution
  • Comprehensive analysis of the relevant market in view of structure, market entry barriers and central market drivers
  • Synopsis of comparable concepts based on a comprehensive competition profiling
  • Detailed requirement analysis of target customers and their satisfaction with diverse procurement channels
  • Development of a pragmatic positioning concept regarding brand strategy, product and pricing policies as well as differentiation potential compared to benchmarks
  • Development of a detailed business plan for the new area of business
  • Development of an action plan; collection and comparison of offers from service providers
Status quo

Private equity house assesses investment possibilities regarding a leading butcher's shop operator in Germany 


Commercial Due Diligence

maconda contribution
  • Evaluation of the respective advantages and disadvantages of a franchise concept compared to an agency model
  • Analysis of the relevant developments in butchery; comparison with the core target market; consumer behaviour in Germany (incl. development of per capita meat consumption, most important sales channels and their historic development)
  • Detailed analysis of the quick service market in view of sales volumes, historical growth rates, central trends and outlook; compared with average receipt amount for the individual formats
  • Estimation of planned sales growth (organic growth of the existing shops vs. opening new shops), particularly the sales development of newly opened shops
  • Evaluation of location quality and roll-out strategy; pros and cons of various location types as well as assessing the availability of suitable locations (checkout areas, SB-Warenhaus centres, shopping alleys, high-traffic zones etc.)
Status quo A shareholder of a women's outerwear manufacturer and retailer, specialising in the 35-55 age group, considers selling due to a shift in focus towards wholesale
Task Commercial Due Diligence
maconda contribution
  • Assessing the sustainability of the concept for focussing on small and medium-sized cities in view of local conditions (competitive intensity, centrality, retail purchasing power etc.); evaluating the local potential for gaining and retaining customers as well as the addressable target group and regional intricacies concerning the target group's expectations based on numerous interviews with real estate agents for commercial properties, shopping centre operators and women's wear outlet managers
  • Analysis of the supplier portfolio, particularly in view of (mutual) dependency on a key supplier, based on hidden calls on the market as well as personal meetings with the management of this key supplier; evaluating carve-out consequences, in-house procurement competence and the specific advantages of a semi-vertical orientation via numerous market calls
  • Comprehensive customer analysis (casual vs. registered customers) based on data from the CRM system; micro-geographic segmentation and analysis of customers based on regional origin, socio-demographic environment and CRM-related KPIs (CpO, RFM ratios etc.)
Strategy development - Commercial Due Diligence - Value enhancement - Restructuring - Turnaround Management