A large part of our projects take place in the service sector. These include services for companies as well as those for private clients. Many companies continue to concentrate on their core business, which can create major opportunities for business process outsourcing, meaning the transfer of some company functions (e.g. non-personal customer care) to specialised companies. The quality of services is generally difficult to measure, and this makes carefully analysing the processes of providing goods and services a key part of our projects in this sector.

A sample of our previous mandates:


  • Temporary staffing
  • Security and guarding services
  • Facility Management
  • Market research
  • Advertising, direct marketing services
  • Shipping companies
  • Printing shops
  • Industry associations
  • Industry services
  • Public service (e.g. Eastern European economy ministries, privatisation agencies)
  • Real Estate development
  • Advertising panels
  • Advertising for food retailing


  • Airlines
  • Car rental, truck rental
  • Assistance of asylum seekers and refugees
  • Callcenter, customer care
  • Tourism, tour guides
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • System gastronomy
  • Amusement parks
  • Fitness club chains
  • Cruises

Case studies - Services

Status quo Private equity house assesses investment possibilities regarding the leading provider of river cruises in the German-speaking region with the largest riverboat fleet and broadest range of offers in Europe 
Task Commercial Due Diligence
maconda contribution
  • Extensive positioning analysis in all of the important destinations for riverboat cruises
  • Comprehensive analysis of the capacities offered as well as the performance and quality levels in connection with the company's pricing and bundling strategy
  • Comprehensive comparison of the riverboat fleet with select travel providers using an in-house developed set of fleet KPIs
  • Nearly 100 structured talks with various market participants (experts, travel agencies etc.) in order to gain a comprehensive view of the business as well as the river cruise market and competitive environment
Status quo Private equity house assesses investment possibilities regarding the leading provider of agricultural market research specialising in panel surveys and ad hoc studies; customers are leading agribusiness manufacturers 
Task Commercial Due Diligence
maconda contribution
  • Assessment of the service offers, with a particular focus on the differences between panel surveys and ad hoc studies; highlighting synergies in both areas of business
  • Profound analysis of the very heterogeneous market incl. position in the market for market research, agribusiness and agricultural structures based on comprehensive desk research and expert interviews in ten countries around the world
  • Characterisation of the most important regions and countries in regard to economic indicators, agricultural structures, importance of agribusiness and agricultural market research; validation of the business plan
  • Comprehensive customer analysis regarding demand and ordering behaviour, outsourcing behaviour, selection criteria according to area of business, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Presentation of optimisation potentials and growth opportunities in existing and new market segments with estimates on earnings and strategic effect
Status quo A large home improvement chain plans to optimise its store portfolio
Task Development of a comprehensive plan for optimising the store portfolio based on a new format strategy as well as detailed store and performance analyses
maconda contribution
  • Comprehensive analysis of store performance over a longer period
  • Two-dimensional clustering of the stores according to KPI sustainability
  • Planning a comprehensive development programme for the store portfolio
  • Development of a closing model in various scenarios (incl. costs/residual costs, social responsibility, image and organisational feasibility)
  • Detailed analysis of rental contracts
  • Action planning
Strategy development - Commercial Due Diligence - Value enhancement - Restructuring - Turnaround Management