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A warm welcome – maconda advises Viessmann Group on making a strategic investment in Pewo Energietechnik, a specialist for heat distribution

maconda-News March 2019

Family-run Viessmann Group, a leader in the heating and refrigeration industry, has become a strategic partner in Pewo Energietechnik, an owner-managed company for heat-distribution systems. maconda supported the investment with an extensive and detailed commercial due diligence assessment.

To set the strategic partnership on the track to success right from the start, Viessmann invited the Cologne-based consulting agency maconda to conduct a commercial due diligence assessment of Pewo. The maconda consultants developed a model mapping the opaque market for house transfer, distribution and apartment stations, identified relevant drivers and inferred future market developments from them. In order to better understand the decision-making processes and criteria of the market operators involved, the consulting team conducted more than 200 interviews with parties such as heating installers and wholesalers, utility companies and companies from the housing industry.

To evaluate new market potentials, maconda devised a comprehensive market model and also analysed in detail which foreign markets show promise. Furthermore, the maconda consultants used the model to develop starting points for systematically developing sales activities and also identify further growth paths that could be effective for a further expansion of Pewo’s already solid market position, e.g. complementing the business model with digital, data-based elements. Complex data collection and analysis processes are one of maconda’s areas of expertise – one in which some of our consultants have been active for more than 30 years, long before the media-driven wave of big data began.

About Pewo Energietechnik

Energy turnaround as a success factor. Pewo is an owner-managed company from Saxonia that develops and produces systems for energy-efficient heat distribution: for individual apartments and houses and also for entire residential districts. Hotels, hospitals and manufacturing company from all over Europe number are customers. Pewo’s product portfolio includes transfer stations for local and district heating, heat pumps, apartment and fresh water stations as well as control technology and regulatory systems. Innovative: Pewo products use MCT technology including proprietary software. They enable efficient operations of all machines integrated into a local district heating network.

maconda builds on its expertise in facility technology and the construction industry

The maconda team has worked closely with various segments of building technology and the construction industry in recent years. These include projects related to lighting (object lighting, residential lighting, etc.), smart-home applications, damage restoration after water and fire damage as well as various construction materials (floorings, insulation technology, coatings, etc.). maconda has been entrusted with tasks such as several commercial due diligence assessments, strategy projects and successful performance-optimisation projects.

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About maconda

For more than 20 years, maconda has provided support for the acquisition, development and restructuring of companies. With more than 800 consulting and implementation projects and more than 450 transaction projects, maconda has enough comprehensive experience to provide pragmatic support for even challenging projects. maconda’s clients include medium-sized companies, business divisions of large corporations as well as private-equity investors and family offices.

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