Transform data into intelligent forecasts

Reaching smart decisions with predictive analytics

Starting point

Companies today face a never yet seen amount of data and data sources. The possibilities arising through increasing digitalization, Internet of Things and Big Data analytics are limitless. Yet, these data only provide benefits for companies, if they are analyzed and made usable. Intelligent analytic tools can help your company merge data from various sources, compact them and decode them. You gain precise, current overviews and the ability to generate accurate forecasts about future scenarios. The tools optimize your decision-making process and provide groundbreaking new insights into customer behaviour, market dynamics and corporate processes. maconda can help you define an ideal future scenario on the basis of your business model and then identify, systematize and use the data already available at your company.

Relevant topics

  • Defining the “finishing line” and possible action scenarios: We identify what drives and influences your business model.
  • Systematizing and fusing all relevant data: To provide you with an exact idea of the current situation and enable specific future forecasts, we systematize your data using predictive analytics solutions, integrate existing and previously siloed data, and enhance company-internal data with relevant external information such as weather data or data gleaned from social networks. All of this makes the world of Big Data usable for you. 
  • Using algorithms to analyze the data: We analyze your data automatically, using machine learning processes to identify and verify linear and non-linear patterns in your data.
  • Forecasting and developing action plans: The uncovered patterns and connections make it possible to develop and derive forecasts for important KPIs. This equips you to make well-informed and precise decisions.

Your added value

We work together with a partner specializing in customer-specific predictive-analytics solutions. The team consists of experienced CERN researchers who have developed self-learning algorithms that take large amounts of data and generate forecasts of previously unknown quality. Working together with you, we establish future forecasts and action plans to develop your business model. A detailed analysis and forecast of customer behaviour enables you to address customers more specifically and achieve higher levels of customer loyalty and thus more sales. Targeted data analysis and exact forecasts of scenarios minimize storage needs and provide better information to base your supply-chain-management decisions on. This lets you significantly reduce logistics and production costs. Our consulting package is easily implemented. You should see initial results within the first two to three months. Cost reductions of up to 30% are common in our experience. 


Lydia Aldejohann ( and Wolfgang Bartels ( would be happy to take your call or mail on the subject of predictive analytics. You can reach us by phone at 0221 / 56964-0.