Deal summary:

Target: Frostkrone

Industry: Consumer goods / food

Investor: AXA Private Equity

Task: Commercial Due Diligence

Frozen cheese snacks and finger food – maconda accompanies AXA Private Equity’s investment in Frostkrone, a provider of convenience food

maconda news August 2012

Mozzarella sticks, fried jalapeños, chili cheese nuggets and Gouda rings are just a few of the delights offered by the frozen snack manufacturer Frostkrone from Rietberg, Germany. Experience handling the particular opportunities and challenges of such niche markets was a key reason why the French-German investment company AXA Private Equity called on the Cologne-based consultants for their commercial due diligence services in the run-up to the planned investment in Frostkrone.

maconda analyzes the market for convenience food

Frostkrone and its subsidiary Bornholter specialize in the production and distribution of frozen finger food and snack products. Since its foundation in 1997, the company has established itself as an innovator in frozen convenience foods. Frostkrone has a large product range that includes cheeses, fish, vegetables and baked goods. The products are sold via food retail and in the food service industry. With 102 employees, the group achieved sales of approximately € 36 million in 2011.

maconda supported AXA Private Equity with a commercial due diligence. The maconda team’s extensive experience with niche markets was a key advantage for analyzing the market for frozen cheese snacks. The project posed a special challenge with the complete lack of market data available, which is why the consultants at maconda developed a market model and validated it via numerous detailed expert discussions.

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