Deal summary:

Target: Lichtbasis

Industry: Wholesale/ lighting

Investor: Finatem

Task: Commercial Due Diligence

maconda shines Light into Darkness – Due Diligence Before Entering Wholesale Lighting Business

maconda news August 2014

Lights, lamps, bulbs – lighting can be complicated. Once again, the maconda team was called on to examine the lighting sector with projects on enhancing operational profitability and preparing investments among others. Recently, we brought light into the darkness of this diverse and complex business of distributing object lighting with our Commercial Transaction Services.

maconda advises Finatem Beteiligungsgesellschaft on its majority stake in Lichtbasis GmbH

Founded in 2000, Lichtbasis GmbH is one of Europe's leading lighting wholesalers. The company markets high-quality lamps and lighting fixtures for professional applications, such as for shops and the gastronomy sector. A broad, diverse customer base benefits from the company's wide-ranging lighting expertise, its high supply chain security and light planning services. For 2014, the company expects sales of approximately € 65 million.

The maconda team supported Finatem Beteiligungsgesellschaft, which is headquartered in Frankfurt, with a commercial due diligence. Along with analyzing the structure of the product range, customer base and supplier network, a central goal was to ascertain the current drivers of the complex and highly dynamic lighting market and project their future development. LED technology will be a key driver in this market, which will continue to grow at the expense of conventional lighting technology and is expected to bring some market shifts to every level of the value creation chain. These include an increase in energy efficiency and lighting quality as well as new lighting possibilities among others. Market participants are facing constant new challenges due to the increased lifespans, shorter development cycles, sinking prices with simultaneously improved performance and increasing complexity resulting from technological advancements. Lighting product and planning competencies as well as consulting expertise are becoming particularly important competitive advantages.

In order to better understand the market's dynamics and the relevance of various LED trends, we held targeted talks with select experts and market players from our extensive network. We also tapped into the know-how of the lighting experts in our core team and, as a result, provided our client with comprehensive insights into the complex lighting market and specific business of Lichtbasis.

It goes without saying that we would be more than happy to assist you as an experienced and reliable partner for your commercial due diligence needs (also for vendors), market and competition analyses as well as for your value enhancement, segment development and foreign expansion projects or in strategic and operative restructurings – in wholesale, retail or in other industries.

Please get in touch should you require our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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