WAGNER Group, market leader for industrial wet and powder coatings, acquires Reinhardt-Technik, a specialist for bonding, sealing, and metering and mixing technologies – after commercial due diligence by maconda

maconda news February 2012

The WAGNER group is headquartered in Markdorf near Lake Constance and active in 50 countries. WAGNER Group entrusted us with this project because of the extensive experience that maconda’s Cologne-based team of consultants has with technological products, machine and plant engineering as well as automation technology, combined with our excellent reputation for conducting commercial due diligence assessments. The project concerned a specialized machien-engineering company based in North Rhine-Westphalia, which has now been acquired by WAGNER.

Commercial due diligence assessment on Reinhardt-Technik

The WAGNER Group has 1,300 employees worldwide and subsidiaries and representatives in more than 50 countries. It is market leader for manufacturing leading-edge equipment for industrial wet or powder coating. The  group has now acquired Reinhardt-Technik GmbH, based in Kierspe near Gummersbach. Reinhardt’s core expertise lies in preparing liquid polymers for uses in bonding and sealing, metering and mixing technologies, and as surface finishings. System integration and process controls are an essential aspect of its service. “The acquisition of Reinhardt is meant to supplement WAGNER’s portfolio and expand our business field ‘Adhesives and Sealants’ internationally,” says Hubert Riek, WAGNER CEO and Divisional Head of WAGNER Industrial Solutions.

The acquisition was preceded by a careful analysis of Reinhardt-Technik by the maconda due diligence specialists. The assessment analyzed the market potential existing in Reinhardt’s main markets in the glass industry (windows), renewable energies, wind energy and electrotechnology as well as automotive and bus/truck/rail. A further focus lay on assessing the general future-proofness of the technology on offer and possible substitutes.

maconda further analyzed Reinhardt’s product portfolio and appraised and debated the company’s strategy in the end markets it serves. To this end, the maconda consultants intensively researched the technology involved in bonding, sealing, and metering and mixing. “The results of maconda’s analyses of Reinhardt’s market and development potential were a decisive factor in deciding whether to buy. We were deeply impressed by maconda’s in-depth knowledge of the market and their critical and very accurate approach,” says WAGNER CEO Riek.

Joined materials, combining metal, glass, plastics and composites, are found everywhere and countless products are made out of them. In recent years, bonding technologies have increasingly replaced traditional joining processes – a trend to which Reinhardt-Technik adapted early on.

You, too, can benefit from maconda’s extensive expertise when it comes to complex technical devices, products and services as well as our expansive network.

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