Deal summary:

Target: Paper + Design

Industry: Consumer goods / napkins

Investor: HANNOVER Finanz

Task: Commercial Due Diligence

Paper + Design – maconda advises HANNOVER Finanz on the acquisition of the leading manufacturer of premium-quality decorative napkins

maconda news January 2011

maconda GmbH is a Cologne-based consulting company and one of the main providers of commercial due diligence assessments in the German-speaking region. During HANNOVER Finanz’s majority acquisition of Paper + Design, maconda was a reliable partner at its side.

Paper + Design, located in Saxony South of Chemnitz, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium-quality table decor items. Its product range includes paper napkins, table runners, candles and other accessories. The Paper + Design collections are developed in collaboration with external designers. Specialized printing machinery secures high color brilliance, with eye-catching designs, high-definition photography and sophisticated elegance.

The company is known for its development of special color printing techniques and its commitment to constant product innovation. It exports to 80 countries worldwide, especially to the USA and Canada. Alongside its own collections, Paper + Design also manufactures custom collections under private labels, which are delivered to small retailers, specialized stationery stores, as well as to large drug and department store chains.

maconda was entrusted by HANNOVER Finanz, one of Germany’s oldest and most active private equity investors, with performing the commercial due diligence assessment. Within three weeks, maconda analyzed the market for table decor products and private labels. The combination of our extensive consumer goods know-how and the longstanding industry experience in private label business provided a basis for deeper understanding of the relevant market and its demand drivers. maconda also undertook a comprehensive and sweeping corporate analysis incl. product portfolio, customer base as well as marketing and sales. maconda’s extensive experience in niche markets facilitated the assessment of the current and future positioning of Paper + Design in the German market as well as its most important international markets. For that purpose we conducted several focused interviews with industry experts at home and abroad.

maconda and HANNOVER Finanz have already collaborated on several projects. “We needed a reliable partner to provide expert advice. That is why we chose to work with maconda again,” explained the responsible HANNOVER Finanz investment manager.

maconda has advised several investors on transactions in niche markets as well as private label and paper goods markets and is well equipped to take on further complex projects in this area. This holds true for strategy projects as well as commercial transactions services. Some recent projects include networks of company branches, bookstores, household products, franchising systems, mail order (B2B, B2C), printing companies, department stores as well as stationery and paper good stores. 

About maconda

maconda GmbH is an independent consulting firm specializing in value enhancement, restructuring and commercial due diligence assessments. Its customers are mainly SMEs and renowned private equity companies. Since 2005 alone, maconda has undertaken more than 100 commercial due diligence assessments, chiefly for financial investors. Among its core industries are consumer goods (non-durables such as foods and cosmetics, or durables such as furniture and clothing), wholesale and retail, healthcare, business services (temporary work, customer care, logistics, etc.), telecommunications / Internet / IT and technical industrial goods.

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