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Industry: Software

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Task: Commercial Review

IT and software solutions – maconda analyses the business model and market environment of a software solution provider for large-scale retail businesses

maconda news January 2015

Our clients kept us quite busy in 2014 – with strategy reviews, investment checks and commercial due diligences. Towards the end of the year, we assisted an investor in acquiring shares in a company specializing in software solutions that feature a functionality and scalability primarily tailored to large-scale retail businesses.

maconda advises on the acquisition of shares in a software specialist for retailers

maconda assisted a well-seasoned IT-industry investor with its analysis of the business model and market environment of a leading German provider of software solutions for large-scale retail businesses. The product range of the analysed company includes full enterprise resource planning systems as well as complementary software products.

One of our key challenges was analysing and assessing the company’s relevant end markets. We conducted interviews with experts hand-picked from our network and undertook systematic research to analyse and evaluate various market trends and drivers. Thanks to the extensive expertise of our industry experts, we were also able to pinpoint product-based USPs the company has to offer. Finally, our analysis also included an assessment of the company's client base and its positioning compared to relevant competitors. We also conducted “masked” interviews with users of the software to get a clearer grasp of the products and their target groups. This information let us provide our client with valid insights into the company and its relevant target markets.

The commercial review provided by maconda took place with only a short time to prepare. We were able to do so because of our team’s extensive experience, allowing us to skip the warm-up phase and directly address the topic, the company in question as well as decision makers.

It goes without saying that we would also be happy to assist you as a competent and reliable partner. For example, in the IT and software market, wholesale and retail, consumer goods as well as other industries, for commercial due diligence assessments (also for vendors), value enhancement projects, business development, international expansion and also in strategic or operative restructuring.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

About maconda

maconda carried out over 450 consulting and implementation projects. In addition, more than 120 commercial due diligences have been conducted, mainly for private equity investors and usually in the range of € 20-500 million enterprise value.

Our focus industries: Consumer goods | Foods | Wholesale and retail | eCommerce | Services | Business process outsourcing | Clothing & textiles | Healthcare | Software & IT | Technical industrial goods | Industry 4.0 | Machinery and equipment | Materials | Packaging

Our core topics: Strategy consulting | Corporate restructuring | Commercial transaction services. These include comprehensive target screenings, systematic preparations for company sales (exit readiness) and commercial due diligence assessments (also for sellers).

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