Deal summary:

Target: mymuesli

Industry: Consumer goods / food

Investor: Genui Partners

Task: Market Due Diligence

Mix your favorite muesli – maconda assists Genui Partners in the acquisition of shares in the leading provider of premium muesli

maconda news January 2016

High-quality and individual, innovative and convenient – there are many sides to muesli! The maconda team has been involved in the growing e-commerce and FMCG industry on several occasions, including in value enhancement and strategy development projects, synergy checks and due diligence assessments. Most recently, maconda proved its expertise as a competent partner for a market due diligence assessment in preparation for a planned investment in mymuesli.

maconda performs a market due diligence assessment for the acquisition of shares in the leading provider of premium and custom muesli

The Hamburg-based investment firm Genui – an investor in German-speakings SMEs – has acquired mymuesli shares as part of a capital increase. mymuesli was named startup of the year 2007 and operates in five countries, also running almost 40 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Plans are to grow the mymuesli family, already including 650 employees, to more than 50 stores and expand to other countries by the end of the year.

maconda performed a due diligence assessment, appraising the growing muesli market as well as the related cereal market along with its fundamental drivers and the unique positioning of mymuesli in a heterogeneous competitive landscape. A special focus lay on the customer base, a key issue for e-commerce companies. While analyzing the structure of the customer base and consumer behavior, the maconda consultants successfully employed their expertise in micro-geographical models and cohort analyses.

maconda also made use of its expertise both in food retail and in various other retail concepts when analyzing mymuesli’s brick and mortar distribution channels, for instance identifying white spots as suitable store locations and shedding light on the food retail industry.

In recent years, the maconda team has successfully concluded several consulting projects on mass customization. We have extensively worked with this attractive yet challenging product concept, which featured in the doctoral dissertation of maconda’s managing partner more than 20 years ago. You can find further information in our Industry Spotlight “Mass Customization – Massenproduktion trifft individuellen Bedarf.”

It goes without saying that we would also be happy to assist you as an experienced and reliable partner. Be it regarding retail, consumer goods or other industries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

About maconda

maconda carried out over 450 consulting and implementation projects. In addition, more than 120 commercial due diligences have been conducted, mainly for private equity investors and usually in the range of € 20-500 million enterprise value.

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Our core topics: strategy consulting | corporate restructuring | commercial transaction services. These include comprehensive target screenings, systematic preparations for company sales (exit readiness) and commercial due diligence assessments (also for sellers).

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