Deal summary:

Target: Seitz

Industry: Pet food

Investor: BPE

Task: Commercial Due Diligence

The cat is out of the bag – maconda successfully supports medium-sized investment house BPE on acquisition of high-quality pet food manufacturer

maconda news July 2015

maconda has a long-standing reputation regarding commercial due diligences in niche markets and comprehensive experience in retail, food manufacturing and pet food projects. Therefore, long-established Hamburg-based investor BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen once again mandated maconda for this project. This time, the project focused on the acquisition of Seitz GmbH in Langwedel near Bremen by BPE and two experienced managers.

maconda conducts a commercial due diligence for the acquisition of a private label manufacturer of high-quality pet food

Seitz is a leading manufacturer of premium dog and cat food. Headquartered at the pet food hot spot near Verden, south of Bremen, the manufacturer’s core competency lies in canned food. It also produces BARF products and snack variations, which are sold under the “Seitz Heimtiernahrung” brand. The customer base consists of German premium brands that sell their products directly via veterinarians or specialist retailers.

The hitherto family-operated company develops its own recipes and procures fresh, high-quality offal, meat products and ingredients. More than 300 product variants are processed, filled into air-tight containers, sterilized, labeled and packaged in an efficient manufacturing process.

Central aspects of the commercial due diligence included a detailed analysis of the specific niche market, an evaluation of current developments (such as the trend towards BARF products that provide pets with a more natural diet) as well as the positioning of Seitz in the competitive environment. We also developed a detailed market model that considered nearly all private label manufacturers of dog and cat food in Germany. This model was validated by numerous targeted interviews with experts.

Due to our comprehensive experience in supporting corporate transactions and our existing expertise in the pet food market stemming from prior strategy projects, market analyses and due diligence services, the maconda team was able to provide valuable insights from day one.

We look forward to working with you as a competent and trustworthy partner as well. Our team disposes of multiple years of experience in commercial due diligence and value enhancement projects as well as mandates regarding business segment development, foreign expansion and restructuring – especially in projects for the food or consumer goods industry.

Feel free to contact maconda should you require our expertise. We would be happy to support you!

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