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maconda news June 2013

maconda is one of the most active companies in the German-speaking market for commercial due diligences and other commercial transaction services. Its services are also sought after for advising on investment opportunities in the tourism and leisure industry. The Cologne-based consulting company has been involved with this attractive and diverse industry several times in recent months. Its projects include working with the European market leader for riverboat tours, amusement park operators, tourism industry players, manufacturers and retailers of bicycles, pedelecs and bicycle parts, hotel booking systems as well as a manufacturer of electronic products primarily intended for use in commercial gyms.

In May, a transaction with such a fitness chain was successfully concluded. Thanks to its extensive experience in working with consumer-oriented services and chain store systems, maconda proved itself a strong partner for the commercial due diligence in this interesting industry that is enjoying growing demand.

maconda advises NORD Holding on acquiring interest in the German jumpers fitness

jumpers fitness is an established gym chain with stores primarily spread over Bavaria. The business operates in the discount sector of the German fitness industry, which is showing above-average growth and now covers more than 30% of all gym memberships. A broad target market comprising all ages and income brackets is increasingly coming to appreciate the mainly modular service ranges of discount gyms, even if they initially seem limited. jumpers is benefiting from a rising health awareness in conjunction with a high level of price sensitivity.

During its commercial due diligence assessment, maconda focused on analyzing the jumpers business model and conducting detailed comparisons with the pricing structure and service ranges of various fitness concepts, from discount to premium gyms. maconda also assessed the rollout strategy and quantified the medium-term allover potential for store openings with an eye to the level of market saturation, availability of suitable locations, etc., thus presenting the central aspects for judging the company’s scalability. Consultants experienced in micro-geographical analyses examined factors such as typical trade areas and their potential for the business model.

maconda analyzes business opportunities for a leading provider of electronic systems for gyms, spas and amusement parks

A globally operating provider for integrated access, locker and accounting systems entrusted maconda with a very different project, yet one with strong ties to the fitness market. The company specializes in equipping gyms, spas and amusement parks with one-stop system solutions. Its products are based on the innovative RFID technology that is far superior to the conventional bar code or magnetic stripe technologies. Our client holds a leading position in German-speaking countries as a result of its excellent problem-solving capacities and innovative products.

We undertook an extensive analysis of the business’ most important markets, taking into account both the different product segments and various regions. These included the strongly growing Chinese leisure market and the USA. We arrived at profound insights despite insufficient data that offered little basis for comparison. The numerous interviews conducted with a variety of market experts belonging to the extensive maconda network were the key source of insights. Points of analysis included the current and future affinity of leisure facility operators to RFID-based solutions, middle- and long-term customer requirements and fundamental trends. We used the data to evaluate the company’s position in its competitive environment. Furthermore, the maconda consultants identified opportunities offered by foreign markets, which often featured a very heterogeneous structure and a distinctly different level of affinity to RFID technology.

Rivers, river cruises, recreation – maconda analyzes the Rhine, Danube, Elbe and Seine

A number of further clients from the diverse tourism and leisure industry are testament to maconda’s extensive expertise. maconda consultants were at hand during the acquisition of the leading riverboat tour specialist nicko tours by a leading Swiss investor. With more than 30 ships, the company has the largest fleet of river cruise ships and the most diverse range of offers in all of Europe. As part of its due diligence work, maconda analyzed the positioning, the service and bundling strategies as well as the pricing of both nicko tours and its main competitors, while also performing a comprehensive comparison of the riverboat fleets using its own set of fleet KPIs.

We have provided confidential consulting services for further clients in the amusement and water park industry and repeatedly been involved with bicycles, pedelecs and bicycle parts. We also conducted an analysis of hotel booking platforms and took on many other projects. It goes without saying that we are happy to assist you as an experienced and reliable partner for your needs regarding the development of strategies to successfully master niche markets in the long term, commercial due diligence assessments (also for sellers), but also regarding value enhancement projects, segment development, foreign expansion as well as strategic or operative restructuring.

Competence center consumer goods

These are some of the topics our competence center consumer goods often deals with: fast-moving consumer goods, consumer-oriented services (such as fitness or tourism), foods, cosmetics and toiletries, packaging products, leisure products, luxury products, wholesale, retail, mail-order, various e-commerce concepts as well as software related to “our” industries. Further competence centers include corporate services, (plant) engineering and technical goods as well as healthcare and an aging society. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

About maconda

We support our clients in increasing sales, profits and company value and also provide commercial transaction services. These include comprehensive target screenings, systematic preparation for company sales (exit readiness), commercial due diligence assessments (also for sellers) and post-merger integrations. Our main industries of expertise: consumer goods. foods, retail, services, (health, leisure, media, etc.), business process outsourcing (customer care, temporary work, facility management, etc.), textiles. We also cover technical industrial goods insofar as they relate to our core industries (such as food processing or packaging machinery). Our multinational team of consultants is optimally positioned, completely covering the key regions of Western Europe, the CEE countries and the BRIC countries – in most cases with native speakers. 

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