Deal summary:

Company: WEENER Plastic Packaging Group

Industry: Packaging

Vendor: Lindsay Goldberg Vogel

Task: Vendor Fact Book

Emerging markets fuel growing demand for consumer packaging – maconda prepares Vendor Fact Book to support sale of established international plastic packaging manufacturer

maconda news June 2015

Thanks to its extensive track record in supporting M&A transactions as well as various strategy projects in the packaging industry, maconda was again retained for an in-depth analysis of the global plastic packaging market – this time with a particular focus on the fast-growing regions of Southeast Asia and South America.

maconda supports Lindsay Goldberg Vogel with a Vendor Fact Book in the sale of WEENER Plastic Packaging Group to investor 3i

WEENER Plastic Packaging Group is a global leader in the manufacture of special packaging solutions. The company operates 24 production facilities in 15 countries and generated sales of approximately EUR 270 million in 2014 with roughly 2.000 employees. WEENER develops, constructs and produces innovative primary packaging solutions (“Caps & Closures”) across the personal and home care, food and beverage, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical segments. The product offering encompasses screw, valve and dispensing closures, aerosol spray caps as well as plastic bottles and jars.

The group’s current composition arose through the merger of Weener Plastik based in Lower Saxony (Weener, Germany) and the Dutch Plasticum Group (Tilburg/Ede, Netherlands) in 2012. Prior to the merger, Weener Plastik had already been acquired by US-based investor Lindsay Goldberg, represented by Lindsay Goldberg Vogel in Central Europe.

After supporting the previous shareholder in the 2012 acquisition of Weener Plastik and the subsequent merger with Plasticum, maconda this time became active on the sell side. Amongst other things, the maconda team thoroughly assessed the demand for various packaging solutions including screw closures, dispensing and valve closures, and aerosol spray caps with broad applications across personal and home care as well as food & beverage segments. Strong emphasis was placed on Western and Eastern Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

In preparing the Vendor Fact Book, whose main function was to support the sale process, maconda was able to leverage its vast experience and know-how in the FMCG industry – the end market of products produced by Weener. A key part of the assignment was analysing the purchasing behavior of leading global FMCG manufacturers. This included evaluating their growth strategies and forecasted sales developments at both the regional and product category level and assessing their prospective impact on the Weener-Group.

Paul Pruss of Lindsay Goldberg Vogel: “The maconda team impressed us with their expertise in commercial due diligences and strategic analyses of the primary packaging industry during our previous collaboration. Furthermore, maconda possesses excellent knowledge of the Weener-Group and its products. It was therefore only logical for us to involve maconda very closely in the sale of Weener.”

It goes without saying that we would also be happy to assist you as a competent and reliable partner – in the consumer goods sector, the packaging business as well as in other industries.

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