Deal summary:

Target: Domilens

Industry: Healthcare

Investor: BPE

Task: Commercial Due Diligence

maconda assists the Hamburg based BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen in their takeover of Domilens, leading wholesaler of ophthalmic surgery products

maconda news March 2010

The Cologne based consulting firm maconda, one of the leading providers of commercial due diligence in the German-speaking area, has assisted the Hamburg based BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen focused on the German “Mittelstand” in a management buy-out of the ophthalmic specialist Domilens. Extensive experience in wholesale as well as expertise in key medical disciplines and in health insurance were the decisive factors for the mandate.

Ophthalmologists use wholesalers for the purchase of intraocular lenses and other surgical supplies - BPE becomes a shareholder at one of the manufacturer-independent market leaders

maconda carried out the commercial due diligence of the target company and analysed the diverse market for ophthalmic surgical products, its drivers and the regulatory framework within a few weeks. A strong focus was placed on the range of products – from the intraocular lens through surgical consumables to so-called phaco devices, so there was also a strong interface to the med-tech sector.

BPE Investment Director Nikolai Mackscheidt was “impressed by the high level of dedication presented by the maconda team, their deep understanding of the industry and its drivers“. In particular, the complex billing modalities of the health insurance scheme, that are influencing the purchasing behaviour of surgeons and by that company’s profitability, required in-depth knowledge of the German healthcare system.

Domilens is a leading manufacturer-independent wholesaler of ophthalmic surgery products, targeting ophthalmic surgeons all over Germany. The company has established a strong position in the market, providing an important bundling function for specialised manufacturers, operating without their own distribution network. The higher flexibility with respect to the offered products is a clear advantage over global manufacturers with an own distribution.

maconda has acquired extensive experience in the healthcare industry and is optimally prepared for further complex projects within this promising market. We conducted a number of projects, inter alia: eye clinics | dental prosthetics from China and the Philippines | dental practices group | equipment for dentists and dental technicians | hearing aids | spectacles | surgical instruments | temporary staffing in healthcare | mail-order pharmacies | products for specialised medical supply retailers.

About maconda

We support our clients in increasing sales, profits and company value and also provide commercial transaction services. These include comprehensive target screenings, systematic preparation for company sales (exit readiness), commercial due diligence assessments (also for sellers) and post-merger integrations. Our main industries of expertise: consumer goods, foods, retail, services (health, leisure, media, etc.), business process outsourcing (customer care, temporary work, facility management, etc.), textiles and technical industrial goods. Our multinational team of consultants is optimally positioned, completely covering the key regions of Western Europe, the CEE countries and the BRIC countries – in most cases with native speakers. 

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