Deal summary:

Target: Weener Plastik

Industry: Packaging

Investor: Lindsay Goldberg Vogel

Task: Commercial Due Diligence

Leveraging consumer goods expertise in the plastic packaging market – commercial due diligence by maconda

maconda news March 2012

Caps, closures, lids and jars – these are only some of the packaging types analyzed by maconda’s international team of consumer goods and packaging experts, while assisting in a recent private equity investment in the highly diverse packaging industry.

maconda assists Lindsay Goldberg Vogel in its acquisition of the German plastic packaging manufacturer Weener Plastik AG

Headquartered in North Germany, Weener Plastik specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative dispensing, closure and container solutions for global FMCG manufacturers, with applications in personal care, home care, and the food & beverage segment. maconda was mandated as advisor for red flag analysis and commercial due diligence by Lindsay Goldberg Vogel, the exclusive Central European advisor to the New York-based Lindsay Goldberg, which controls committed equity capital of over $ 10 billion.

The global market for consumer packaging in general is dominated by lower-value commodity products, while Weener is focused on high-value customized plastic caps and closures for leading FMCG brands. In order to assess the addressable size of the market, its drivers, the expected development and differences between various end-markets, maconda leveraged its intimate knowledge of consumer goods and an extensive network of industry experts and market participants.

As a supplier for global FMCG producers, Weener runs a number of subsidiaries around the globe. To better understand its regional positioning, maconda assigned a team of specialist native speakers who conducted dozens of interviews with local associations, producers and customers in Europe, Brazil and Russia.

The deal, which is pending approval from anti-trust authorities, will help Weener pursue its global expansion plans.

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We support our clients in increasing sales, profit and company value as well as commercial transaction services. These include comprehensive target screenings, systematic preparations for company sales (exit readiness), commercial due diligence assessments (also for sellers) and post-merger integrations. Our main industries of expertise: consumer goods, foods, retail, services (health, leisure, media, etc.), business process outsourcing (customer service, temporary work, facility management, etc.), software and select technical industrial goods. Our multinational team of consultants is optimally positioned, completely covering the key regions of Western Europe, the CCE countries and BRIC countries – in most cases with native speakers.

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