maconda attends the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology: Light + Building 2016

maconda news March 2016

In recent years, maconda has successfully completed several projects in the lighting industry. These include numerous CDDs as well as several consulting and implementation projects for residential and object building lighting, both in the retail and manufacturing sector. Our team was active on every level of the value chain, providing us with a large network of industry insiders.

This year saw us again attending the world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building services technology, Light + Building in Frankfurt, to stay up to date in the very dynamic and sometimes even disruptive lighting industry. This year’s Light and Building motto was ‘digital – individual – networked’, and the trade fair clearly showed the growing importance of smart system solutions and modern design when it comes to lighting, electrotechnology and home and building automation. Along with the growing digitalization of light, issues such as smart homes, sensor technology and the Internet of Things are becoming ever more important. 

Lighting: ‘digital – individual – networked’

Technological development that favours LEDs as a light source, letting LEDs gain market shares at the expense of conventional lighting technologies, is fundamentally changing the lighting market. In the short or medium term, private and corporate users switching to the innovative and energy-efficient LED technology will lead to product- and technology-based market growth. At the same time, the use of markedly more durable LEDs will bring about a decline in the lamp-repair and replacement business in the long run.

The core expertise of lighting manufacturers is changing as a result of LED technology and smart home developments. They often need to acquire new technological skills, for instance in areas like control and monitoring, programming or heat management, and invest accordingly in R&D. Technological advances will undoubtedly force lighting vendors to undertake strategic realignment, even restructuring in many cases. This applies especially to SMEs. Industry consolidation will continue; the market for lighting fixtures and lamps will merge further. Lighting manufacturers will increase their expertise regarding LED and controlling (also through acquisitions) and extend the reach of their activities through vertical integration or acquisitions abroad.

All value-chain levels in the lighting industry face new challenges because of the expansion of LED technology. At the same time, LEDs are creating new customer demand as a result of constant innovation, digital interconnection and new possibilities for light design. This means that they are creating new sources of revenue for the lighting industry, for instance with the development of intelligent illumination concepts or lighting systems that are integrated with facility management systems. Neighbouring segments, such as smart home, security technology or energy management, provide potentials that can be developed, for example by providing lighting that is smart home-compatible or other products that can be marketed as a package with lighting. More and more smart home concepts are being launched that are ready to implement and market ready. Intelligent features are built into an increasing number of devices and systems that are not only smart on their own but can and also must work together. The use cases are many: smart devices and digital connections make it possible to control all important functions at home, ranging from household management and safe living, entertainment and lifestyle, work and communication all the way to health and nutrition. 

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