Making a splash – maconda advises Argos Wityu on investing in a global market leader for inflatable water parks

maconda news October 2018

maconda conducted a comprehensive commercial due diligence on Wibit Sports GmbH. Wibit is the world-leading supplier of inflatable water parks for coastal waters, lakes and indoor swimming pools. Argos Wityu, a pan-European investment group with a German team based in Frankfurt am Main, tasked maconda with the assessment. Wibit was able to gain the investor as a strategic partner in October.

Wibit’s swimming water parks do more than offer plenty of fun for guests. They are a very attractive investment option for their operators because of their short amortisation periods. Wibit is based in Bocholt close to the Dutch border. It uses inflatable, extremely robust PVC modules to produce its aquatic entertainment landscapes. The water-play installations are powerful visitor magnets by the coast, on lakes and at swimming pools and indoor pools. Wibit facilities are extremely popular in 90 countries, such as the vacation hot spots Dubai, Croatia or Cancún in Mexico. Wibit is the unrivalled world leader in the growth industry it personally created. With Argos Wityu at its side as a new strategic partner, Wibit wants to accelerate international growth, diversify its fields of business and make its products even more attractive.

Argos Wityu entrusted the team of the consulting firm maconda with the commercial due diligence assessment, as the Cologne-based consultants had already successfully partnered with the investment group on several other occasions. The special challenge this project posed: Wibit’s market in most regions shows dynamic growth while still being rather young. maconda needed to scrutinise the growth potential existent in numerous significant tourism regions. The consulting experts from Cologne focused in particular on Asia, especially China.

As a specialist for niche markets, maconda has developed a smart market model that draws data from a wide variety of sources. In order to compile an in-depth database, maconda conducted 100 focus interviews all over the world, including with wholesalers, tourism-industry associations, hotel resort chains, water-park operators and competitors. maconda combined this information with various structural, climate and tourism data sources as well as with data from related proxy markets to provide an approximation and then created a meaningful scoring model and a ranking of various growth regions. The consultants assessed the attractiveness, degree of satiation and growth dynamic in various sales regions.

During a strategy workshop with Wibit management, the maconda experts sketched and discussed various growth paths. The company’s goal is clearly defined: achieving lasting differentiation from competitors and further expanding Wibit’s market-leading position. In partnering with Argos Wityu maconda created a solid foundation for Wibit’s international growth.

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