Deal summary:

Company: Domilens

Industry: Healthcare

Vendor: BPE

Task: Vendor Due Diligence

Eyes wide open - maconda analyses the market for ophthalmic surgical products

maconda news September 2013

As one of the most active providers of commercial transaction services in the German-speaking area, we can once more look back on some exciting assignments, some of which were in the healthcare market. Among the most notable assignments were those in the highly attractive segments medical technology and retail, "aging population" and the care or social economy. Our healthcare experience benefitted our clients in strategic projects and transactions, with the latter covering both the purchaser and seller sides.

maconda advises BPE with a vendor due diligence on the sale of ophthalmic specialists Domilens to Polytech

Based in Hamburg, Domilens is, along with Polytech, a leading manufacturer-independent retailer of ophthalmic surgery products in Germany. Its range of offers includes intraocular lenses, viscoelastics, rinsing solutions, consumables and phaco devices. These products are used in the most important ophthalmic surgeries. Customers are mainly resident, operating ophthalmologists and private outpatient eye clinics.

Since maconda supported BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen on its acquisition of Domilens back in 2010, it was now called upon once more to assist BPE on the seller side. The focus of our activities centered on a thorough analysis of the market, regulatory framework and companies. The goal of the vendor commercial due diligence assessment was to provide potential investors with quicker and more simplified access to the complex material. To accomplish this, we evaluated the very heterogeneous contractual landscape in the German healthcare system, which covered various accounting modalities and reimbursement practices, and its effects on future business.

In 2011, maconda advised the Berlin-based investment company Odewald KMU on its acquisition of the major retailer Polytech and, in doing so, also assessed a few foreign markets in addition to Germany. Polytech has now acquired Domilens. This merger creates one of the largest manufacturer-independent service providers in the ophthalmic surgery segment in Europe. 

Inpatient care, outpatient care and intensive care

In 2013 we were involved in numerous assignments in the diverse and, for various reasons, highly-complex care industry. maconda team experts were involved in the sales processes for the leading German provider of outpatient intensive care as well as a leading private operator of nursing homes. Particularly the latter was one of the largest transactions in the German inpatient care market in recent history.

In order to expertly assess the outpatient and inpatient care facilities, maconda experts poured over extensive business field-specific data at the micro level (e.g. population development, occupancy rates at care facilities, catchment areas, purchasing power, etc.) while collecting and assessing comprehensive benchmarks and best practices as well.  Our clients benefitted from this knowledge as part of the commercial due diligence assessments as well as in some strategy projects. 

Social Economy

In Switzerland, we successfully advised a non-publicized transaction in the broader social economy. It revolved around a highly-regulated, sensitive market. Here, our team once more proved its expertise in assessing markets highly influenced by the state.

It goes without saying that we would be more than happy to assist you as an experienced and reliable partner for your commercial due diligence needs (also for vendors), market and competition analyses as well as for your value enhancement, segment development and foreign expansion projects or in strategic and operative restructurings – in healthcare or in other industries.

Please get in touch should you require our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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