References - Commercial Transaction Services

Time and again, renowned private equity firms, family offices and M&A advisors have placed their trust in our services. All clients mentioned below either purchased the target company based on our detailed and precise analysis, were involved in exclusive negotiations or at least participated as one of the last bidders in company auctions. The transaction volume we are typically involved in lies in the range of 20 to 500 million Euros – sometimes less, sometimes more. However, our commitment and enthusiasm do not hinge on the size of the transaction, but on our ability to create added value..

The banks and M&A advisors listed at the bottom of this page know us from transactions we have assisted them with. Our business and market analyses, often conducted with tight deadlines, formed an important part of the credit decision and we stood and continue to stand by our conclusions. Also included on the list are various corporate finance institutions, with whom maconda has collaborated in the past. We are happy to provide personal references upon request.