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Portfolio optimisation

Portfolio analysis is part of strategic business planning and involves assessing the operational and strategic importance of existing business units. The outcome should be a balanced portfolio with the best possible allocation of resources. New business units frequently show favourable development and grow over time, increasing complexity and making the entire company more difficult to control. When market conditions change, the time has often come to critically appraise the business unit and restructure it if necessary. maconda focuses on assisting medium-sized family-owned companies in deciding whether existing business units should be continued or sold.

What you can expect from us:

  • Systematic analysis of the existing business portfolio, particularly with regard to business processes as well as market positioning and competitive environment
  • Analysis of synergies with other business units across the value chain, including product development, procurement and production, sales, after sales and administration
  • Determination of the potential for success, internally through organic growth as well as externally via acquisitions
  • Assessment of future viability of the individual business units and the company overall
  • Comparison and ranking of individual courses of action based on selected analytical models
  • Allocation of available capital in the company, resources and expertise
  • Determination of the necessary management capacity
  • Modelling of selected courses of action in a business case, incl. cash flow and capex needs

Based on those services, we select the best possible course of action together with the mangament and develop an overall portfolio strategy.