Sustainably increasing a company’s value

Profitability enhancement

Every management has the goal of increasing company value or at least maintaining the status quo. Apart from successful day-to-day business, this requires a detailed strategy, a functioning company structure and efficient processes. We bring a unique combination of expertise gained in hundreds of completed consultancy projects and our team members’ practical management experience to the table. We would be happy to use these skills to help you unlock, expand and leverage your company’s existing potential. We provide the management with an extensive analysis of the status quo, identifying both strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we can guide you during the often difficult process of setting strategic and operative goals. Best practice teams can subsequently develop suitable measures to achieve these previously defined goals. Possible goals could involve branching out into new regional markets or innovative fields of business, but also increasing efficiency or cutting costs, e.g. by introducing leaner processes and business structures. Planned measures are then gently but firmly implemented during a change management process. The entire process contributes to your commercial success and increases the value of your company. 

Sustainable increases in a company’s value are achieved by:

  • Identifying and prioritising fields of growth
  • Developing effective business segment strategies to achieve sustainable growth in the company’s earning power
  • Carrying out potential analysis and feasibility studies
  • Optimising internal company processes across all departments
  • Carrying out comprehensive change management with a focus on long-term growth
  • Developing concepts to increase performance and reduce costs
  • Providing the management team with active and close assistance, e.g. through workshops carried out in cooperation with best practice teams
  • Providing integrated liquidity planning and improving cash flow management
  • Ensuring quick working capital optimisation

Case studies - Profitability enhancement

Status quo Leading German warehouse plans to roll out a customer relationship management system
Task Development and design of target group-oriented direct marketing campaigns as part of a comprehensive customer loyalty concept
maconda contribution
  • Comprehensive design of a direct marketing concept using customer data
  • Market and customer analysis based on systematic data mining
  • Enhancement with micro-geographic data
  • Customer segmentation (e.g. using cluster analysis) and potential analysis
  • Profiling of target customers for improved communications
  • Development of target group profiles and corresponding activation mechanism
  • Development of pitches and campaign guidelines
  • Planning and supervision of test promotions, campaign management
Status quo Private label manufacturer of muesli and cereal bars with high capacities finds itself in a difficult market environment
Task Identification and evaluation of strategic guidelines
maconda contribution
  • Analysis and evaluation of various strategic options while allowing for existing restrictions; development of essential requirements and specific measures in addition to estimating likely sales potentials for the various strategy modules over time
  • Evaluation of possibilities for developing own brand based on market segmentation (price segment, sales volume, product concepts etc.) and corresponding brand positioning
  • Market and competition screening for intriguing foreign markets; creation of detailed profiles as well as establishing pros and cons with a follow-up recommendation for market entry
  • Development and establishment of scoring models for evaluating select foreign markets and the various strategy modules using decisive criteria such as market volume, competitive environment, sales channels, sales and earnings potential, complexity, costs, time line, risks etc.