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Strategy development

Pursuing the right strategy is crucial for all companies. Most markets are very complex and highly international. This makes it necessary for companies to regularly assess or redefine their corporate strategy, both company-wide and for individual business units. Management then faces questions such as these: how can we put our financial resources to the best use? Which markets should we focus on? How do our various business units fit into the overall structure of the group?

Our seasoned team provides keen analyses and recommendations. Together with you, we develop a tailored strategy and recipe for success that will shape your corporate planning and create lasting value. Of course, we are happy to assist you during the operative implementation of the strategy we have developed. This makes us a skilled and reliable partner for the analysis, planning and implementation of your holistic strategy. 

What you can expect from us:

  • Detailed analysis of the status quo, including market environment, competition, positioning and perceived USP
  • Identification and assessment of possible strategic courses of action, e.g. by modeling even extensive business cases
  • Selection of the best courses of action and key strategy points
  • Preparation and implementation of strategy workshops
  • Development of a coherent strategy together with you
  • Assistance in the operative implementation of the chosen course of action

Case study - Strategy development

Status quo

The company is planning to double its revenue in the next 3 to 5 years


Developing a strategy to increase revenue

  • Comprehensive analysis of end markets and customer groups supplied (industry structure, number of companies, need for surface technology, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the German and international markets for surface technology (development, structure, key drivers of demand, outlook) with the help of market data assessments, prognoses and a maconda market appraisal; validation of results through several interviews with retailers, competitors and customers as well as management workshops
  • Analysis of the company's positioning with regard to direct and indirect competition (competitors as well as regional and national market shares) by means of confidential interviews with competitors and retailers
  • Development of revenue and earnings of individual business units (products and product groups, revenue, sales volume and profitability, complexity, sales costs, etc.)
  • Analysis of current business processes and structures
  • Identifying and comparing relevant courses of action to achieve planned revenue increase
  • Determining future strategic and operative fit of individual product-market combinations
  • Developing a detailed implementation plan, including work packages, milestones and budget