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Systematic, targeted, discreet.


Expanding one’s own market position, realising synergies, supplementing the product and service portfolio, accessing new customers and geographical markets – there are many reasons for looking at interesting purchase opportunities. External growth through the purchase of parts of or even entire companies is a topic on the agenda of many investors. The goals of profitable, sustainable growth must match the respective vision of the investor. This requires a carefully thought-out concept and a lot of experience.

What you can expect from us:

  • Identify and assess opportunities for buy & build; conceptualise and develop strategy
  • Joint definition of a search grid that picks up on the strategy and concrete ideas for expansion
  • Systematic screening of suitable target companies using primary and secondary sources (longlist)
  • Targeted filtering of candidates by comparing all relevant investment criteria (shortlist)
  • Assessment of the operational and strategic fit
  • Joint prioritisation
  • Preparation of detailed corporate profiles
  • Addressing the most interesting candidates with the tried and tested maconda methodology
  • Subtle elicitation of cooperation or sales interest through cautious, anonymous approaches

Our aim is to help our client make a well-founded strategic decision. Once the cornerstones of the buy & build strategy have been set, the search for suitable target companies can begin. We now want to kick off our research programme so we can really gain a deep understanding of the target industry. Our wide network of experts and decision-makers in numerous industries helps us to quickly identify suitable companies. With our proven approach, we identify transaction opportunities at an early stage – away from broad-based M&A processes and without the typical “watering can”.

We would be happy to discuss suitable sectors and the appropriate course of action in a confidential meeting.

Case study

Intensive outpatient care

Initial situation

Provider of outpatient intensive care in both the patient’s own home and in shared care facilities prepares for further expansion through acquisitions of competitors


Targeted search for suitable companies in terms of size and situation in defined regions

maconda contribution

  • Development of a precise, yet pragmatic and usable search profile
  • Preparatory talks with industry insiders from the maconda network to determine a promising approach strategy
  • Comprehensive review of a wide range of information sources and extraction of interesting-looking companies for the longlist
  • Development of a shortlist through in-depth research of quantitative and qualitative indicators and targeted analytical interviews with industry insiders
  • Assessment of the operational and strategic “fit” with our client and selection of Priority 1 and Priority 2 targets
  • Brief profile of the selected Priority 1 targets
  • Discreet approach with a focus on basic willingness to sell, scheduling personal meetings

Outdoor lighting

Initial situation

Leading European outdoor lighting manufacturer aims for further expansion via acquisitions


Target screening and development of a precise target requirement profile

maconda contribution

  • Development of a precise target requirement profile, aligned with the client’s strategic objectives
  • Comprehensive screening for targets in the German-speaking countries by using secondary sources as well as interviews with several European associations and scientific institutes
  • Development of a comprehensive longlist with more than 100 potential targets
  • More than 70 discreet calls to evaluate performance, strategy, innovation and sales power
  • Selection and presentation of potential targets through a detailed comparison of all relevant investment criteria; creation of a shortlist of suitable candidates
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses as well as the market positioning of the identified candidates through good access to reliable sources and unfiltered information


Are you looking for investment opportunities or do you want to expand your business or that of your portfolio companies through acquisitions? We are happy to accompany you in this process – specifically and discreetly!


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