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Market entry - but the right way

Company-specific, professionally sound, hands-on.


Once the dynamics in a newly targeted market are known, the competitors assessed and the relevant sales channels identified, it’s time to get down to business. In our holistic approach, we combine company, strategic orientation and market & competitive environment to determine the best course of action for you and successfully complete your market entry. Our team of experienced consultants and industry insiders supports and accompanies you on your expansion path. In addition to a solid basis for decision-making, we also offer you the complete concept including pragmatic support with the operational to-do check list.

Our services at a glance:

  • Promising options for action with turnover and earnings forecast, opportunities & risks, investments and time horizon
  • Impact of the identified market developments on performance
  • Development of a realistic business plan with scenarios
  • Go-to-market concept and recommendations for market development: including prioritised form of market entry, suitable sales channels, positioning strategy and USPs to be communicated, potential customers and suppliers
  • Targeted search for companies for market entry via buy & build and acquisition initiation: including development of the acquisition roadmap, long and short list based on defined search criteria

Take advantage of our unparalleled experience in various markets – both product-wise and geographical. With proven methods and dedication, our consultants will actively support you in your expansion project.

Case study


Initial situation:

Leading German manufacturer of residential light fittings in three-tier distribution is considering setting up direct sales to B2B customers as a new business segment


Market and feasibility study for a B2B mail order concept and development of a detailed business case

maconda contribution:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the relevant market in terms of structure, barriers to market entry and key market drivers
  • Comparative analysis of the available distribution channels and pro/con discussion in strategy workshops
  • Detailed survey of the satisfaction of electrical installers in particular with their various procurement channels and analysis of the concrete expectations of well-functioning procurement
  • Analysis of already existing mail order concepts in the construction environment with a view to reaching tradesmen and especially electricians, and synopsis of comparable concepts on the basis of a comprehensive competitive profile
  • Definition of the relevant gain vs. pain points from the perspective of the target customers and, based on this, development of a positioning concept with regard to brand strategy, necessary product range, complementary service, price points and differentiation strategy compared to the benchmarks
  • Development of a detailed business plan for the new business area, simulation of different scenarios and in particular analysis of the working capital requirements in order to be able to achieve the necessary high degree of delivery and the necessary delivery speed
  • Develop an action plan; obtain and compare offers from service providers for setting up the necessary technical infrastructure


Your expansion idea is already quite tangible? And it’s now a matter of preparing concrete steps and getting started? We would be happy to accompany you on your way – just get in touch with us!


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