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Stabilise turnover, increase profitability

Proactive, value-adding, practicable.


If market conditions change, it is often necessary to realign product ranges, serve customers differently or adapt processes within the company. And this is best done before the company is confronted with strong headwinds.

If it has already become stormier, action should be taken quickly. Not only on the cost side, but also – with foresight – on the turnover side. After all, reorganisation is often understood to mean merely cost reduction. However, this is often not enough to restore performance in the long term. In addition to the number-based approach to restructuring, we also take a look at the market in order to stabilise turnover sustainably and increase profitability.

Our services at a glance:

  • Optimisation of the business model: strategic development of value-driving business areas, adaptation of the business model to current market requirements, development of new (digital) business models, differentiation in the competitive landscape
  • Optimisation of the product range: focus on strategic anchor products, streamlining of slow-moving products, optimisation of the pricing strategy and conditions policy, introduction of new products and services
  • Customer and sales optimisation: sales offensive and further development of important customers and target groups, separating customers of little importance for turnover and contribution margin, entering new sales channels and markets, gaining customers, winning back old customers
  • Acceleration and simplification of processes: operational (procurement, production, sales), strategic (product development, product range management, customer management, procurement strategy, sales strategy), setting up projects, etc.

Use our unbiased view and tried and tested toolbox to uncover hidden jewels and bring them to light! This is how you realise a sustainable increase in earnings for your company.

Case studies

Surface technology

Initial situation

The company plans to double its turnover within the next 3-5 years


Develop a strategy to increase turnover

maconda contribution

  • Comprehensive analysis of the end markets and customer groups served (industry structure, number of businesses, demand for surface technology, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the German and international market for surface technology (development, structure, key demand drivers, prospects) by analysing market data, forecasts and maconda techniques
  • Market assessment: validation of results in numerous interviews with traders, competitors and customers as well as management workshops
  • Analysis of positioning vis-à-vis direct and indirect competitors (competitors and market shares regionally and nationwide) by means of confidential competitor and dealer interviews
  • Turnover and earnings development of individual divisions (products and product groups, turnover, sales volume and profitability, complexity, selling expenses, etc.)
  • Analysis of current business processes and structures
  • Identification and comparison of relevant options for action to achieve the planned growth in turnover
  • Determining the future strategic and operational fit of individual product/market combinations
  • Development of a detailed implementation plan incl. work packages, milestone and budget


Initial situation

Private label manufacturer of muesli and cereal bars with high capacities and in a difficult market environment


Identification and evaluation of strategic guard rails

maconda contribution

  • Analysis and evaluation of various strategy options, taking into account the existing restrictions; elaboration of the essential prerequisites and concrete measures as well as estimation of the expected turnover potential of the individual strategy modules over time
  • Evaluate the possibilities of building your own brand based on market segmentation (price segment, sales volume, product concepts, etc.) and corresponding brand positioning
  • Market and competition screening of interesting foreign markets; preparation of detailed profiles and elaboration of pros and cons with subsequent recommendation for market entry
  • Development and expansion of scoring models for the evaluation of selected foreign markets and the individual strategy modules based on decisive criteria such as market volume, competitive environment, distribution channels, sales and earnings potential, complexity, effort, time horizon, risk, etc.

Department stores

Initial situation

Leading German department stores group with large CRM department wants to improve the clout of its customer relationship management


Development of a comprehensive customer loyalty concept and set-up of target group-orientated direct marketing campaigns

maconda contribution

  • Insight into previous CRM measures, linked to an established customer card and a well-known loyalty programme
  • Analysis of the monetary success of the multitude of current CRM measures and derivation of the need for optimisation
  • Comprehensive analysis of the huge customer base via systematic data mining to uncover gaps in knowledge about the existing customer groups
  • Segmentation of customers (including by means of multivariate cluster analysis) into a total of over 20 groups
  • Enriching the customer clusters with microgeographic data and external market research data (e.g. semiometric information) to develop cluster personas.
  • Development of detailed profiles for all customer groups and development of the associated activation mechanism
  • Development of theme stories and campaign guidelines
  • Planning and monitoring of test campaigns in selected department stores and campaign monitoring


Initial situation

Lack of transparency about the exact success drivers for store performance at a leading European retail chain for beauty and care products with billion-dollar sales


Comprehensive analysis of the nationwide branch network to determine the “optimal” branch and optimise branch performance, as well as to create a valid basis for targeted branch management and for the further roll-out of branches

maconda contribution

  • Preparation of a detailed branch database together with the company, among other things through primary collection of data and key figures at branch level
  • Linking of store data (including performance KPIs, CRM data, omnichannel activity) with external micro- and socio-demographic data of the respective location (purchasing power, frequency drivers, centrality, etc.)
  • Definition of homogeneous branch clusters based on turnover size, area, micro-location, etc. with high statistical significance and explanation of branch performance
  • Identification of the exact performance drivers and levers per branch cluster (assortment, personnel, location, etc.)
  • Derivation of targeted measures for ongoing branch management in day-to-day business
  • Conducting numerous workshops with different departments


Initial situation

Shareholder of a traditional manufacturer of German spirits with regionally anchored brands wants to put the positioning to the test, better manage challenges and identify business opportunities


Developing the strategy for the systematic development of the business and creating a stable business basis for the handover of responsibility to the next generation

maconda contribution

  • Detailed inventory of market and competition, product range, customers, corporate structure and operational processes
  • Exploratory talks with market experts and targeted visits to trade fairs
  • Development and facilitation of several workshops on fact finding, DNA and strategy
  • Evaluation of the assortment using a detailed scoring model
  • Discussion and development of mutually compatible strategy modules and modelling of the respective turnover and earnings potential
  • Conceptual preparation of a product relaunch and modelling of a business plan
  • Initiation of contacts and discussions with existing and potential new customers
  • Initiate a systematic product development process and trend scouting as well as market research measures
  • Deriving concrete measures for strategy implementation along the marketing mix against the background of time and organisational resources


Has a competitor launched a sales offensive and is attracting customers? Is your product range outgrowing you? Do you want to increase the utilisation of your capacities? Let’s look together at how we can improve your sales and earnings.


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