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Portfolio optimisation

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Developing a beautiful picture from many jigsaw pieces

Decisive, comprehensible, groundbreaking.

The portfolio strategy is part of strategic corporate planning, in which existing business areas are analysed for their operational and strategic importance. The result should be a balanced portfolio with the best possible allocation of existing resources. This is because new business areas often develop I an opportunistic way and grow over time. This increases the complexity and makes the entire company more difficult to manage. A change in market conditions then usually becomes an occasion to put the business to the test and, if necessary, to restructure it. maconda primarily supports family-owned companies from the SME sector in deciding whether existing business units should be continued or sold.

Our range of services:

  • Systematic portfolio analysis of the existing business areas, especially with regard to business processes as well as positioning in the market and in the competitive context
  • Investigate synergies with other business areas along the value chain, including product development, procurement & production, sales, after sales and administration
  • Determining the potential for success, internally through organic growth and externally through acquisitions
  • Assessment of the future viability of the individual business areas and the company as a whole
  • Comparison and ranking of individual options for action using selected analytical models
  • Allocation of capital, resources and know-how available in the company
  • Identifying the necessary management capacities
  • Modelling of selected options for action as a business case incl. cashflows and capex requirements

On this basis, we select the best possible option for action together with the management and develop an overarching portfolio strategy.

bild zu Developing a beautiful picture from many jigsaw pieces


We are at your side with advice and support when it comes to taking a close look at the puzzle pieces, possibly reshuffling them and then putting the puzzle together in a new and coherent way.


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