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Business model development

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maconda GmbH & Co. KG

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Tomorrow starts today

The future is made of courage. And from experience.

In order to be successful in the future, companies need well-founded concepts with the right mix of pragmatism, visionary power and their own entrepreneurial drive. maconda is the ideal partner when it comes to paving the way for sustainable growth – be it in the existing business or by opening up new countries, markets or customer groups. In doing so, you profit from our rich experience from numerous company and market analyses, often embedded in commercial due diligence (CDD) or restructuring concepts. You also benefit from our practical know-how: we relieve you of time-consuming analyses and support you with entrepreneurial verve in your conceptual work. In doing so, we rely on proven methods, information sources and processes to help you reach your goal quickly and safely.

Market analyses

Signposts for expansion and growth.

Do you want to expand with your company? Open up new customer groups? Enter new distribution channels? Or push ahead with the development of new product categories? As different as the options for expansion may be, the first step is always a valid assessment of the target market and its requirements. With our competence and many years of experience, we provide you with the best possible basis for a well-founded strategic decision. And if you want to go into new regions we have experienced local partners in many different countries who not only speak the relevant language, but also local knowledge and where things are going in their country.

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Go-to-market support

Entering new terrain - with safe ground under your feet.

You know the dynamics in the targeted market, you have analysed the competitors and identified the relevant sales channels. Now, it’s time for implementation and this is where you can rely on our 360-degree approach! maconda has an eye on your company’s DNA as well as its strategic orientation and the market and competitive environment. From this, we derive the best way to enter the market in a custom-fit and practice-orientated manner. We then actively support you in consistently taking the individual expansion steps. Whether with a concrete action plan, the opening of doors with potential customers, or with a search for suitable acquisition candidates – we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

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Digital transformation

Disruption or evolution? You decide!

Digitalisation can destroy business models – or raise them to a new level. The decisive factor is whether companies are able to recognise and use the advantages of digital transformation. Established communication and work processes need to be questioned. Even seemingly constant market mechanisms or business relationships may need to be rethought. Admittedly, we are not IT experts, but should technology really dictate how you should develop your business? With our view of the evolution of business models, shaped from countless projects, we support you in tackling structural change at an early stage and securing future growth. We are happy to recommend the experts for the digital legwork when it is needed.

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Portfolio optimisation

Breeding ground for sustainable growth.

Many corporate groups have literally grown organically: here a new branch of the company came into being, there a business unit blossomed, here a regional holding was added. In this way, a widely ramified portfolio gradually flourishes, which sometimes, when viewed from the outside, no longer appears as flourishing as it was once intended to be. A change in the market environment or a change in management is then often the occasion to question the structures that have grown up. Where is it perhaps even worth cutting a shoot in order to keep the entire company healthy? We accompany family-owned companies from medium-sized businesses in particular in making these decisions to bring in a rich harvest over generations.

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