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Regardless of whether companies want to expand into neighbouring markets, open up new distribution channels at home and abroad or develop new product categories, the basis for such a strategic decision is always a valid assessment of the target market.

Thorough knowledge of potential customers and their decision criteria, competitive dynamics and significant market trends are important for a successful market entry. The collection and evaluation of such information with sometimes contradictory content, from large amounts of data as well as from undercover conversations with market participants, is demanding and requires not only expertise but also local access.

A partner with experience gained from a multitude of similar projects can help to bring valuable insights, assess opportunities and risks and thus optimise the expansion process. This significantly increases the likelihood of success of the expansion projects. This is especially true if the required expertise is lacking, local knowledge of a targeted foreign market is not available and local access is not possible due to geographical distance. Or even if the necessary resources cannot be provided.

Our services at a glance:

  • Indicator-based market analysis and modelling of niches: including market size and development, market dynamics, drivers and trends, regulation
  • Assessment of the competitive landscape, including key suppliers, performance, pricing, identifiable strategies and USPs.
  • Evaluation of potential sales channels and customers and their purchasing criteria

Nationally and internationally positioned companies as well as leading private equity houses value our broad experience in analysing markets – at home, abroad and especially in niches where obtaining information requires special pragmatism and creativity.

Case study


Initial situation:

Leading Western European supplier of phytopharmaceuticals is considering a market entry in Germany – as a greenfield investment or via the acquisition of a company specialising in dietary supplements.


Presentation, evaluation and prioritisation of all relevant options for market entry with subsequent recommendation for action

maconda contribution:

  • Evaluation of all market entry options; weighing of the respective advantages and disadvantages including final prioritisation and recommendation of a concrete entry strategy
  • Anticipate potential channel conflicts and devise targeted distribution strategies to resolve them.
  • Modelling of market size and development of the niche segment, through discussions with market participants as well as pooling of available performance data
  • Analysis of the relevant distribution channels and evaluation of the future relevance for the niche segment, in particular the suitability for market entry.
  • Profile the current market leaders in the niche segment of phytopharmaceuticals
  • Evaluation of the takeover candidate with regard to competitive positioning, possible synergies and access to relevant distribution channels

Tree nurseries

Initial situation:

Leading group of forest nurseries seeks a better understanding of the fragmented and regionally shaped market for forestry plants, beyond partly contradictory expert estimates


Analysis of the German market for forestry plants by means of a comprehensive market study, including a forecast of future demand

maconda contribution:

  • Analysis of the structure of forest ownership by federal state and the various drivers by ownership group
  • Comparison of different expert assumptions on the effects of climate change on the forest stand
  • Build a comprehensive dynamic market model by region, forest owner and tree species, taking into account relevant input factors (such as regional tree age structure, calamities and proportion of reforested area).
  • Forecast of market development over the next 10 years using several demand scenarios to project the entire range; in terms of volume and value and including public subsidies
  • Identify opportunities to meaningfully expand the range of services offered along the value chain.
  • Conduct more than 50 structured and exploratory interviews


You are successful in Germany and are considering whether and how you can offer your services in a neighbouring country? “Your” market segment is getting narrow? Or do you have a new product idea? We will find out for you how the new market “ticks” and how big the potential really is.


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