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Performance management

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On the move in rough seas?

Together with you, we redefine the course.

When a company’s figures begin to stall or its business comes under pressure – whether due to internal or external factors – it first needs a sound analysis of its operational and financial performance and market positioning. maconda has many years of experience across all types and stages of crisis and can support you in addressing the pain points as well. Whether your company needs to adapt to changing market conditions in the long term or if active crisis management is required in the short term, working together with you, we will do everything necessary to improve performance and secure the future viability of your company.

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Performance improvement

Recovering treasures together.

Undiscovered potential lies dormant in every company in terms of turnover and earning power. With the tried-and-tested maconda toolbox, we can help you bring this potential to light. This includes smart analysis tools with which you are guaranteed to draw new insights from your data and countless benchmarks from various industries, as well as the know-how to harness the digital transformation. With your experience and ours, we optimise business models, increase efficiency and achieve better long-term performance. This is how you can secure new revenue opportunities for your company.

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Liquidity management

Cash is King: Creating financial freedom.

Companies must remain financially agile, especially in crisis situations. We support you in planning your liquidity precisely, tapping reserves and structuring payment flows efficiently. maconda is also your competent contact when the next step is to take effective measures to optimise working capital in the longer term, orientated towards your strategy. This distinguishes us from classic financing consultants.

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Remediation report

Securing funds and finding ways.

During a crisis, it is often necessary to quickly lay the foundations for solid external financing. To this end, we prepare a qualified restructuring report based on the standards of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW S6). This gives your financing partners the necessary security so you can concentrate on operational crisis management as quickly as possible. The methodology is basically the same as for our sought-after commercial due diligences: we get straight to work, are quick on the subject and develop a reliable assessment in a very short time. The detailed figures required for a restructuring report are of course included, but we place a special focus on the market and strategy, because this is where the figures come from. Take advantage of our expertise as one of the leading German advisors for commercial due diligence with wide acceptance among banks and experienced investors.

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Change everything. So that success remains.

Your company is well-positioned operationally but are external factors making life difficult for you? For example, because disruptive technologies are endangering your business model, laws have been tightened or your shareholders are at odds and thus strategic decisions are not progressing? Perhaps at some point you made a wrong entrepreneurial decision that is now having a negative impact. This can often be corrected, although often only with special experience, special measures and objective distance. Together with you, we get to the bottom of the causes of the crisis, plan the reorganisation in detail and, if you wish, implement it together with you so that you have the upper hand before it becomes existentially threatening.

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Business planning

Create plans, use tools, check plans.

In the run-up to financing decisions, when things get tight or in a crisis situation, banks want to know the plausibility of medium-term planning. Or they might demand a well-founded forecast for the next few years if no interlocking planning has been done so far. In such cases, we link the internal world of figures with the external environment in order to not only check the plausibility of the submitted business plans, but also to develop and technically implement such plans. A tried and tested toolbox, a pragmatic approach and the wealth of experience of our interdisciplinary team will help you to safely reach your goal!

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