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maconda supports the foundation of the SI.TEQ group with the two independent partners Siccum and Santeq, regional leaders in the restoration of water, fire, and mold damages

maconda-News October 2022

The Cologne-based consulting boutique maconda supports Siccum and Santeq in joining forces and establishing the new SI.TEQ group with a comprehensive commercial review. In the process, maconda's consultants, who are highly experienced in the damage restoration business, evaluated the group's business model and future prospects in the regionally focused market.

Back in 2018, maconda prepared a commercial due diligence on SICCUM, a leading damage restoration company for water, fire, and mold damage in Northern Germany, on behalf of the SME investor Rigeto Unternehmerkapital. After the investment, the number of locations of the SICCUM Group was expanded from 6 to 10. In order to successfully drive forward its growth plan, Siccum is now joining forces with Nuremberg-based company Santeq. The newly formed SI.TEQ group with its two independent partners has expanded its workforce to almost 150 employees.

As part of a commercial review, the maconda team analysed the demand for damage restoration, the range of services and the future business development as well as highlighted synergies of Santeq. In addition, growth areas were analysed, and associated measures were derived.

The German market for property damage restoration has grown dynamically in recent years, driven by a wide range of factors. The aging building stock, especially in western Germany, is particularly susceptible to water and pipe damage. In addition, the increased frequency of severe weather events such as floods, fires and earthquakes are causing more damage and higher damage volumes.

Reliable data was scarce due to the unpredictability of particularly severe weather events such as the flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate in mid-2021, making it challenging to produce a reliable market forecast. maconda’s consultants, who are highly experienced in the industry, relied on a combination of exploratory interviews and quantitative data to estimate the size and development of the individual segments – water damage, fire damage, and so on. Structured expert interviews with trade associations, insurance companies, research institutes and weather experts helped maconda identify key decision criteria, trends, and operational opportunities.

About SI.TEQ

Siccum Trocknungs GmbH, majority-held by an investor group advised by Rigeto Unternehmerkapital GmbH, and Santeq GmbH are joining forces to form the new SI.TEQ and establish a long-term partnership. With Siccum and Santeq, SI.TEQ stands for two independent complete fire and water damage restoration companies with a supra-regional area coverage in Northern and Southern Germany. Both partners offer a broad portfolio of services with a focus on customer service, quality, and a speedy response time.

Santeq Trocknungs GmbH, which is new to the group, was founded in 2016. The company specialises in medium to large-scale water and fire damage and has built up particular expertise in leak detection. With its various locations, Santeq is also able to support customers nationwide and professionally manage the entire process as a complete renovator. This makes the company a reliable partner for large insurance companies, housing management companies and other private and commercial customers.

maconda further expands its expertise in the construction industry and in personnel-intensive services

In recent years, the maconda team has been intensively involved in various segments of the construction industry as well as complex, often highly personnel-intensive services. In particular, maconda has been able to expand its expertise in damage restoration through several successful projects in recent years. maconda has been involved in almost all relevant transactions involving financial investors. In addition, the team has extensive expertise in numerous business-related service areas and is one of the most active transaction advisors in this field.

Intensive industry experience: Construction industry | Remediation of water and fire damage | Craftmanship in many trades | Products for passive structural fire protection | Clearing and removal of explosive ordnance | Fire protection technology | Electrical engineering products | Lighting technology | Building materials | Pipe systems | Facility management | Building cleaning | Services in highly regulated markets | Real estate management | Business-related services | Employee leasing | Engineering services | Niche markets of various kinds

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