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maconda supports Bencis and management in their investment in Elbfrost, a specialised wholesaler of frozen products for the out-of-home market

maconda-News September 2022

The Cologne-based consulting boutique maconda supported investor Bencis and Manage-ment for its investment in Elbfrost with a comprehensive Commercial Due Diligence. Elbfrost is specialised in the wholesale of frozen products for the out-of-home market. maconda's consultants, who have many years of experience in the food industry, evaluated the company's business model and future prospects.

The German out-of-home market is a diverse and dynamic industry. The numerous segments and diverse customers make it appear extremely complex at times. Elbfrost has established itself as a leading, specialised wholesaler for frozen food, which primarily serves customers from the catering sector.

Elbfrost’s frozen products are popular with chefs and catering companies: Preparing food for a large number of guests is significantly simplified, they offer high quality, and the risk of food spoilage is significantly reduced. Elbfrost provides valuable solutions to typical challenges in the out-of-home market, such as changing customer needs, increased cost awareness, and the shortage of skilled workers.

The mass catering segment comprises the business (company restaurants and canteens), health (clinics and hospitals) and education (schools, cafeterias and daycare centers) segments. All these customer segments were intensively studied by maconda in order to be able to estimate the future development of demand – quite a challenge in view of the corona pandemic and the associated uncertainty of all market participants.

About Elbfrost

Elbfrost was founded in Saxony in 1990 and is specialised in the trade of frozen products for the out-of-home market and especially for catering. The company is the link between the large, specialised manufacturers and the smaller regional customers. The product range includes vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and much more. With a high level of logistics expertise and three strategically well-placed locations in Marl (west), Choren (east) and Worms (south), the company is able to serve customers throughout Germany. Elbfrost is a reliable partner of universities, schools, company canteens, public authorities as well as companies from the healthcare industry.

maconda further expands their expertise in frozen products

In recent years, the maconda team has been intensively involved in various segments of the food industry as well as gastronomy. This includes, for example, mandates relating to the production as well as the wholesale and retail of frozen products for both branded and private label products for discounters and full-range retailers. The expertise led to several Commercial Due Diligence reviews, strategy mandates and successful performance optimisation projects.

Intensive industry experience: Food | Frozen food| Snacks | Convenience Food | Prepared dishes | Baked goods | Confectionery | Meat | Beverages | Organic | | Vegan | Food retail| Sports food | Dietary supplements | Ethnofood | Pet food | Wholesale | System gastronomy and much more

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