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maconda supports Deutsche Invest in the acquisition of a majority stake in Wirtz Werkzeugbau

maconda-News December 2023

Through its special situations arm DI Mittelstand, Deutsche Invest has acquired 100% of Wirtz Werkzeugbau, a leading supplier of fully automated special machines. maconda, the consulting boutique specializing in niche markets in numerous industries, supported DI Mittelstand with a focused Commercial Due Diligence (CDD), analysing Wirtz's competitive positioning and market prospects.

Wirtz Werkzeugbau specializes in machines and tools for stretch bending – highly specialized solutions for the production of metal parts with complex geometries. These include railings and trim strips for vehicles, which are unique for each model series. The main customers for Wirtz tools and machines are global suppliers to the automotive industry who supply vehicle manufacturers directly. Additionally, Wirtz builds machines for primarily metal surface finishing. Thanks to its high level of solutions expertise, which primarily consists of the automation of complex production processes, Wirtz has been able to win its first customers outside the automotive industry. More are likely to follow.

maconda comprehensively analysed Wirtz’s product range and the corresponding application fields. In particular, it was possible to determine Wirtz’s outstanding competitive positioning, which is based on unique solution and development expertise. Combined with high quality and reliability, this results in a high return on investment on their machinery purchases for the very loyal customers. The potential for further diversification was also examined and evaluated as part of maconda’s CDD.

As always, the maconda consultants, using their niche-market expertise drew on a very wide range of sources, which were compared, weighted and analysed in synthesis – once again demonstrating the advantage of maconda’s highly analytical approach, as “large” market studies cannot reliably map specific niches. Therefore, the relevant trade magazines and blogs, information from associations such as VDMA, as well as annual reports and a wide range of other information on customers, competitors and suppliers were examined. A double-digit number of interviews were conducted with market participants and other experts in order to validate findings and, above all, to obtain up-to-date industry insights.

About Wirtz Werkzeugbau

The company was founded in 1979 by master toolmaker Theo Wirtz. The third generation of family members is currently involved. After around 40 years in toolmaking, mechanical engineering and automation, Wirtz has built up a wealth of experience, particularly as a machine specialist for the automotive supply industry, but increasingly also for sectors requiring high-precision, high-quality metal surfaces. Partial and full automation, including the integration of complex processes is the company’s particular area of expertise. From its headquarters in Krefeld, Wirtz and its more than 50 employees serve customers throughout Europe, North America and other regions.

About Deutsche Invest

Deutsche Invest is a privately owned entrepreneurial asset management platform with over €4 billion in assets under management. DI Mittelstand is Deutsche Invest’s strategy for special situations and invests specifically in medium-sized companies with substantial potential to improve sales and earnings. Its portfolio companies are primarily located in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and surrounding European countries. The team typically acts in the context of corporate carve-outs, succession solutions, restructurings, MBOs and MBIs. DI Mittelstand is characterized as an active investor with its own operational team on site in its portfolio companies, which are supported not only with capital, but also with operational and strategic know-how.

maconda further expands expertise in the manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering and automation technology

In recent years, the maconda team has greatly expanded its expertise in mechanical and plant engineering as well as automation technology and has successfully completed various projects. These include several commercial reviews and commercial due diligences, strategy mandates and projects to improve operational performance. The mandates related to a wide range of sectors, often niches, but also “large” markets. These include, for example, artisanal woodworking, specialized packaging machines or other applications within the automotive supply industry, but also resellers of machine components and electronic parts. Since mid-2023, Matthias Mennel-Klingspor is supporting maconda as a partner, particularly for the manufacturing industry and various B2B services.

Extensive industry experience: CNC machining | woodworking | extrusion machines | injection moulding applications | plastics | surface coating systems | warehouse automation | hydraulic systems | air conditioning technology | sensors | packaging machines | forming tools | high-performance tools

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