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maconda supports E3 Holding in its investment in a leading Franconian producer of sausage and meat products

maconda-News April 2023

E3 Holding has acquired a majority stake in Konrad Böhnlein, a Bamberg-based supplier of sausage and meat products. Prior to this, maconda's team, which is highly experienced in the food industry, conducted a comprehensive commercial due diligence, evaluating the company's positioning and market prospects.

The supplier landscape for sausages and meats is very complex and ranges from a few large national suppliers to regional players that often times produce local specialities in addition to the classics. One such regional top dog from Upper Franconia was to be examined within the scope of the commercial due diligence. One scoping item was estimating the importance of pork sausages in regards to the generally stagnating meat consumption, the demand for regional food and the growing quality requirements of consumers in the future.

Konrad Böhnlein manages to operate successfully in a heterogeneous competitive environment thanks to their regionally well-known brand and loyal customer base. Focusing on southern Germany turns out to be beneficial due to them valuing sausage and meat specialities as well as the classic dinner (also called “Brotzeit”, depending on the region). This emphasis on the regional factor was a particular challenge for the Cologne-based consultants, as the due diligence had to adequately take into account the local particularities. The proven combination of numerous visits to local butchers and consumer markets, interviews with market insiders and the analysis of quantitative market data helped.

Also the supply chain was examined in detail, including examining the supplier structure for possible dependencies on large slaughterhouses. The maconda consultants, who are very familiar with the food and especially the meat industry, also analysed pricing factors for pork, such as animal diseases, foreign trade and domestic demand. They completed their work by identifying and evaluating possible growth areas.

About Konrad Böhnlein

Konrad Böhnlein was founded in 1979 and is an established traditional business in the region of Bamberg in Upper Franconia. The meat and sausage producer’s diverse product range comprises over 800 products, including a large number of Franconian specialities. The brand enjoys a high degree of recognition as a regional player with comprehensive product expertise. Their main customers are food retailers, butchers, restaurants and community caterers. However, the products are also successfully offered through the company’s own factory outlet and party service.

With the entry of E3 Holding, Konrad Böhnlein secured their continued existence. The owners sold their shares because no successor was available within the family.

maconda further expands expertise in the food industry

In recent years, the maconda team has worked intensively on various topics related to meat and sausage products as well as food in general and has successfully carried out various projects. These include several investment checks and commercial due diligences, strategy mandates and projects to improve operational performance.

Intensive industry experience: Meat and sausage products | Sausage casings | Butchers | Delicatessen | Convenience food and snacks | Baked goods | Frozen food | Food retail | Food service | Wholesale bakeries and butchery chains | Ready meals | Branded products and private label products

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