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maconda supports Hannover Finanz in its investment in Moos, the leading bakery chain in central Hessen

maconda News June 2018

Hannover Finanz, a growth investor specializing in medium-sized companies, has acquired a stake in Moos, the leading regional bakery chain based in Asslar near Giessen. maconda supported the transaction preparations with an analysis of the market for bread, baked goods and snacks. In addition, maconda's consultants, who have experience in the baking industry, sounded out the regional competitive environment of the bakery chain.

With a dense branch network of over 65 locations, the Moos bakery, founded in 1986 by the managing partner with the same name, is one of the most successful bakery chain stores in the greater Gießen area. Three different branch concepts encourage customers to sample the fresh baked goods: store, sit-down coffeehouse and a bistro. Whether at retail locations or in grocery store checkout areas, a wide selection of different product groups is offered for sale. The focus lies on traditional breads and small baked goods; the assortment is supplemented with fine baked goods and snacks, among other things.

Hannover Finanz commissioned maconda with a market due diligence in the course of the planned investment. To this end, the team from the Cologne-based consulting firm conducted a comprehensive market and competitive analysis of the bakery sector: The consultants evaluated a large number of chain bakeries within the core region and in neighboring regions. In addition, maconda analyzed the importance of different competitive systems. In addition to local bakeries and regional bakery chains, the analysts also evaluated the current and future market relevance of food retailer bake-off stations. In order to identify differences in terms of service quality, product range and branch concept, the maconda team also visited various branches of other bakers.

The market for bread and baked goods is characterized by ongoing market consolidation; in addition, consumer buying behavior is changing fundamentally. With the help of market interviews, among other methods, the maconda team examined the effects of industry-specific trends: these are, above all, the growing snack culture, increased out-of-home consumption and more and more convenience products.

For the market due diligence on the Moos bakery, the maconda team was able to draw on a wealth of experience from numerous successfully implemented projects in the baking and food industry as well as in retail and systems catering. The result: The transparency created thanks to the maconda market analysis forms a valuable basis for Hannover Finanz to tackle the future growth of the bakery chain and to secure its management succession.

maconda further expands its expertise in the baking craft

In the course of the past years, the maconda team has acquired comprehensive know-how about the bakery industry. The consultants from the “Domstadt” have successfully led various projects in the bakery industry: These included several investment checks and commercial due diligences as well as strategy and implementation projects.

Intensive industry experience: Local traditional bakeries | Regional and nationwide bakery chains | Pre-cash bakers | Self-service/discount bakeries | Manufacturers of industrial bakery products | Snack and convenience specialists, including fresh products, baking ingredients and frozen snacks | Food retailers | System gastronomy and quick-service chains with café concepts | Retail trade


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